Taipei Fashion Week Launches Inaugural Taipei Sustainable Collections

by Freya Drohan

The future is here! Taipei Sustainable Collections, a first-of-its-kind show centered around sustainability, debuted during Taipei Fashion Week‘s Autumn Winter 2021 schedule this week. Here’s everything you need to know!

The event, which you can watch below, highlighted the most exciting innovations that are coming to the fore in Taiwan. Think: eco-friendly practices and era-defining sustainable textiles and fabric development.

The event saw a group of designers who already have sustainability front and center in their brand DNA—#DAMUR, Claudia Wang, DYCTEAM, JUST IN XX, oqLiq, and WEAVISM—showcase their most recent creations. These six brands endeavored to encourage the conversation around sustainability by experimenting with new concepts and techniques for Autumn Winter ’21.

#DAMUR utilized Taiwan’s latest metallic membrane and lamination technology and Claudia Wang once again leant on 3D virtual technology in order to minimize waste. Wang also created her signature eco-friendly designs incorporating biodegradable and recycled fabrics. Similarly, the DYCTEAM collection featured recycled materials such as eco-friendly processed natural cotton, reusable three-layered nylon, down alternatives, and biodegradable insulation layers. JUST IN XX gave post-consumer plastic bottles, industrial waste, and non-toxic remade fabrics a new lease of life while showcasing their impeccable craftsmanship. Then there’s oqLiq, who has turned to new fabric technologies and design
applications, including leather made by dam sediment and materials made from oyster shell powder. And lastly, WEAVISM, who has woven fabrics out of everything from beeswax to banana leaves!

The result? A hopeful, inspiring new chapter that seeks to raise awareness about pressing environmental change and demonstrate the links between local textile industries and the world of fashion—plus a whole new meaning for ‘made in Taiwan’. All things considered, the outlook is bright!

For more information on the Taipei Sustainable Collections and Taipei Fashion Week (which will continue through March 15 with 14 physical runway shows on the calendar, see here.

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