T Magazine Uncovers the Truth Behind Rick Owens’ Mane

by Paige Reddinger

Ready to kill a few minutes on a Friday to watch Rick Owens dye his locks? If that sounds like watching paint dry (literally) think again! The video for T magazine takes you inside Rick’s chic Parisian home as he dyes his hair, lounges around with his computer, and takes a shower. In case you didn’t know, Owens’ has an immaculate body, so if you aren’t interested in his hair there is plenty to ogle. Owens works out almost every day. “I work out for about an hour, but it’s slow,” Owens once told us in Paris. “I don’t push myself. I used to push myself years ago, but now it’s just more about maintaining.  If I was really committed during that hour every day I’d probably be a lot bigger. It’s just about escaping for me. I’ll listen to loud music like Katie Got Bandz and Black Asteroid and, you know, look at myself in the mirror.”

But did you know that four times a year Owens also indulges in Japanese chemical straightening at a salon in London? The designer’s long gothic raven locks are actually white and curly! Color us surprised.

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