Monay Presents the First Vegan Nano-Protein / Collagen BTX for Hair Cryotherapy

by Amir Bakian

Hair cryotherapy has become more popular recently as people use this cool, cold, and frozen technique to repair damaged hair. Cryotherapy has been proven effective in preventing unwanted hair loss for those undergoing chemo and promotes hair growth for people suffering from alopecia. Hair cryotherapy has also been linked to stronger, longer, and fuller hair as it provides deep hydration and reconstruction, rejuvenating the hair cuticle. But the success of this process is partly dependent on the tools and products used. With the wrong brush, hair straightener, or products, you may damage your hair more instead of repairing it. This is what has inspired Nery Monay to start her product line and salon.

Nery Monay is a leader in the world of hairdressing and an alumnus of one of the most prestigious hairdressing schools in Paris. She has been in the hair care and cosmetic industry for 11 years developing various products, including Monay Hair Cryotherapy, which was created out of a need.

Nery Monay noticed that most products contained some ingredients that can cause dry hair, skin irritation, and even hair loss. It is also hard to get cryotherapy straighteners. Monay Hair Cryotherapy is the first and only vegan nano protein/collagen BTX in the world created for hair cryotherapy.

Nery and her team are combining nano protein, collagen, and cryotherapy to achieve results like no other in the market without damaging the hair. Monay Hair Cryotherapy only uses organic straightening treatments that work with cryotherapy (sub-zero temperatures).

After 18 months of tests and extensive research, Monay created its own system, a one-of-kind Nano Protein and collagen for the hair to be used alongside the cryotherapy procedure. Monay works with first formula to take advantage of the negative temperatures and repair the hair instead of damaging it.

The Monay formula is infused with high-quality active ingredients like biotin, Amla oil, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. This mixture not only helps repair broken cuticles but also creates smoother, softer, shinier, and stronger hair when mixed with cryotherapy. To ensure each of these ingredients reaches the roots of the hair, Monay Hair Cryotherapy also uses cryo ice.

The ice speeds up the transfer of the unique Monay Hair Cryotherapy formula into the hair and increases the absorption potential. This allows hair strands to capture higher levels of nutrients and lock in moisture. The cryotherapy iron machine works outside your hair, pushing the treatment deeper and creating longer-lasting results. Monay Hair Cryotherapy has created different products, including complete instant recovery heat protectant leave-in serum and a restore and repair hair conditioner and shampoo. They also have a cryotherapy machine, supreme photon laser light therapy, premium titanium straightener, and more.

The Monay Hair Cryotherapy can be used on various hair types to give straight, shiny, silky, controllable, and frizz-free hair for months without damaging your hair or inhaling toxic fumes. However, the results may vary depending on the hair condition and type.

For more information about this new revolutionary system and how you can incorporate it into your cryotherapy care, check out Monay Hair Cryotherapy. According to Nery Monay, they are looking to launch an education section that will provide more information on hair, hair cryotherapy, and what products and tools best suit you depending on your hair type and condition.

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