Saucy Talk! With Cosmo’s Donna Lagani

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Titillating! Donna Lagani, SVP/publishing director and chief revenue officer for Cosmopolitan, Cosmo for Latinas, and Seventeen, filled us in recently on her go-to lingerie label, the crappiest relationship advice she’s heard, and the hautest hunk in Tinseltown. Take it away, Donna! 

Greatest date ever: My husband and I once hiked up Angels Landing in Zion National Park on New Year’s Eve. We felt like we were on top of the world!

Worst relationship advice: “Boys will be boys.” Being male is no excuse for bad behavior!

Lacy underpinnings of choice: La Perla. It’s luxurious, sexy, and elegant—everything great underwear should be.

Go-to sex advice source: Joanna Coles. Who else?

Hollywood hunk of choice: I once met Bradley Cooper at our annual Cosmo Fun Fearless Male Awards, and I was instantly mesmerized by his piercing blue eyes and his wonderful calm, confident, warm demeanor. The next day, he sent me flowers and a hand-written note. He’s a class act!

Funniest V-Day moment:
I was woken up to breakfast in bed from my husband and son with a surprise gift of the most beautiful Van Cleef diamond earrings. The following Valentine’s Day, my husband and son delivered breakfast in bed again. As my son placed the tray, he declared, “Oh no, Dad, we forgot the diamonds this year!” The omelet was delicious, though.

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