Saint Laurent + Daft Punk = Brilliance

by The Daily Front Row

We’ll get to the Saint Laurent bit in a second: First, we take this brief break from our regularly-programmed fashion coverage to bring you, arguably, the highlight of Coachella’s weekend une. Nope, it’s not one of the 5,921,726 swag-heavy parties (usually involving pools), email recaps of which are inundating our inboxes right now. It’s this one-minute teaser (1:01, to be exact) for Daft Punk‘s beyond-hotly-anticipated May 21 release, Random Access Memories. Even more exciting? Hedi Slimane’s gussying up the cult-followed electronic duo in sparkly, uber-futuristic Saint Laurent stage garb: sparkly “le smoking” jackets and glossy helmuts. Hedi’s a huge Daft Punk fan, apparently. The infectious new track, “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers. The Coachella crowds apparently went nuts (can you blame them?), and many a gushy, fanatical email, tweet, and YouTube rampage of sharing the groovy vid ensued. Couldn’t start the week off without sharing this musical morsel, in case you missed the moment in Indio (or on SNL, which aired the teaser as well.) Just six days before experiencing the soundtrack of spring, summer, and most likely the runways come September. Check out a teaser of the Saint Laurent get-ups below. Joie


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