Robin Wright Dishes on Her Sexiest Casting Story at Cannes Film Festival

by Sydney Sadick

House of Cards star Robin Wright is one of many of Hollywood’s finest posting up in Cannes this week. In town to promote her short film The Dark of Night, she walked yesterday’s Opening Night red carpet, but not in a gown like most of the women guests. Instead, an embellished mini dress from Saint Laurent’s Fall 2017 collection—a sexy alternative to the go-to floor-length silhouette. And according to Yahoo! Style, while Wright if an outspoken advocate for equality in the film business, she takes no issue with talking fashion on the red carpet. “You’re a woman, you wear a dress, and people say, ‘Why won’t they ask about the men and their tuxedoes and suits?’ Because they’re all wearing the same thing,” Wright said at a talk for Women in Motion. “That red carpet, it’s always going to be about the fashion. That’s why it’s there, that’s why people are stopped on that red carpet — because they’re wearing a designer’s piece. And you’re there to sell, you’re doing them a favor. And they are doing you a favor by giving you publicity. It’s a give-and-take.” At the talk, the actress also dished on the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to her on a casting call. “I was 17 and in Paris, and I went in for a go-see. The director said, ‘I liked the other one’s [breasts] better.’ That was during the audition. I didn’t get the job.”

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