Prince Iheanyi Njemanze styles all guests in Nazarene Amictus apparel for his Ethereal Black and White -Themed Birthday Party in Lagos

by Amir Bakian

International Fashion Designer and Brand Owner of Nazarene Amictus Prince Iheanyi threw a celebrity-studded, Ethereal Black and White-themed party in November in the city of Lagos, and seemingly everyone was there all styled in his apparel and capsule collection titled “Children Of Abraham”: Naeto C, Charles Okocha, Enyinna Nwigwe, Ehi Ogbebor, Bucci Franklin and sister Princess Ngozi Njemanze. Even the enigmatic Socialite and influencer Pretty Mike and “TV Personality” Pearl Cardy were also special guests at the fashion party. Everyone seemed to lean into the capital-F fashion vibes of the event, which featured a significant chunk of pieces from the capsule collection titled #ChildrenOfAbraham, and its accompanying imagery.

Supermodel and Artist Uto Rosman arrived wearing an all white lace jumpsuit and lace oversize blazer, while sister and Model/ TV Host Shine Rosman took a pride and empowerment look, in a jumpsuit with a black hoodie coat, wearing a full-Afro hairstyle that drew inspiration from the 1960s. The All Black assemble felt very Pam Grier as a Young Woman Black Panther. Artist Charles Okocha continued his ongoing affinity for more street and artistic head gear, wearing a complete black leather outfit. Prince Iheanyi arrived wearing a Viking inspired gray color sack mesh long sleeve sweat top over a misty gray leather pleated pants with dark gray high zipper boots. Moments later Prince Iheanyi threw over an art inspired black blazer painted in white, depicting ancestral symbols and forestry images. An expression he refers to as the “Genesis” referenced to the early beginning in the Garden of Eden from where many tribes, cultures and traditions emanated from.

The entire fashion ensemble felt very ethereal which is quite fitting, as Iheanyi appears to become a resounding designer on (Realism, Impressionism and Expressionism) Fashion.

Presented by: Ascend Agency

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