Nina Agdal Launches New Fitness App Just When You Need It Most

by Eddie Roche

For those of us dealing with limited (or zero) access to the gym, Nina Agdal’s new fitness and nutrition app could not have come at a better time. Here, the longtime fitness advocate talks about what to expect from the new app and how she’s coping with isolation during the coronavirus crisis.

What will we be seeing on the App?
You’ll be able to find all my workout videos, nutrition guides, and tips. We’re working on creating a lot more content for it to expand such as a beauty guide, skincare tips, etc.

How often will it be updated?
As often as I possibly can, but I will be adding new material whether it’s a workout or a recipe every week

What kind of workouts will we be seeing?
My workouts are all about sculpting and toning while building lean muscle. I do that through yoga/pilates inspired movement using either your own bodyweight or lighter hand weights. I mix in cardio to build endurance through my treadmill routines that are all about intervals so you don’t end up getting bored doing the same thing for 30 minutes. Since gyms are closed I’m actually working on an outdoor version of this today!

The App is only $1 for the first month. How much will it be after?
After that it’ll be $14.99/month or $99 a year and you can cancel anytime in case you change your mind!

At home routines are obviously super appealing to people right now. Will these be included?
Yes, of course! All my routines are included on there. They’re meant to be super simple so you won’t need much if anything to do them at home. They’re also not crazy long, most of them are between 5-15 minutes so you can easily put one on if you just need a quick break to get your mood boosted and the endorphins flowing. Or you can do a full workout by mixing and matching!

What will the nutrition guides look like?
I will be helping you grocery shop and hopefully inspiring you to eat healthy, wholesome, happy food. I’m a student at IIN (Integrative Nutrition School) right now and graduating, fingers crossed, to become a health coach this summer. I will also be giving you tips in terms of what foods to eat for what purpose and how you can benefit from eating well.

This is a crazy time for all of us. Where and how are you spending self-isolation?
I’m currently in the Hamptons. Luckily the timing of launching my app is keeping me busy, and catching up on studying. I can’t say I’m enjoying this. It’s an anxious time for us all, but I am using the time I have at home now to catch up on so many things I’ve been putting off.

How are you keeping your spirits up?
Definitely keeping up with some sort of routine. I get lost if i don’t have a schedule. So I still wake up and make plans for the day as if everything was normal and the most important part for me is always getting some movement in. My workouts keep me sane!

What have you been watching on TV?
Way too much of the news. I have to remember sometimes to walk away because it will only make me anxious. I want to stay informed of course, but too much of it doesn’t do any good.  I’ll switch it up with an episode of Sex and the City to take me back to the city sipping martinis with my girlfriends at the nearest bar.

How well do you deal with self-isolation?
I have good and bad moments. I think we all do. Most of the time I’m OK. I’ll focus on the positive and just try to keep myself busy and entertained. I did have a breakdown yesterday. I just felt so frustrated, confused, scared for the unknown, and mad at the situation. Not knowing when this is over and feeling helpless is extremely difficult for me to handle. I remind myself that we’re gonna get through this all together and everything is going to be OK. We just have to take the precautions right now and send a thank you prayer to every single person out there who’s making the world go round.

Learn more about the app and download it here
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