New Balance Launches First Women’s Elite Edition Collection

by Paige Reddinger
Ericka Gilbert , Ivelisse Cassas, Brittany Sklar

Attention all female sneakerheads: New Balance will be debuting its first Elite Edition Collection for women. The Elite Edition Collections for men have included the most popular styles from collabs with various retailers, brands, and influencers and is the athletic wear brand’s premium offering for sneaker aficionados. New Balance has tapped three of the top female influencers and Instagram stars in the sneaker realm to head up the campaign: Ericka Gilbert (@DamnnEricka), Ivelisse Cassas (@Solevida), and Brittany Sklar (@Britta_Ruth920). The trio were shot at Fast Ashley Studios in Williamsburg, where they sported their favorite styles in clothing from their own personal wardrobe. “I got my first pair of New Balance sneakers when I was in seventh grade,” said Gilbert, who owns over 300 pairs of sneakers. “They were super cool and I convinced my mom that I needed both the all white and the all black 574s. I love what New Balance is doing for the female sneakerhead culture. We need more of this.”

The New Balance Women’s Elite Edition 580 were inspired by the woven patterns of tapestries and feature suede combined with white, black and grey mesh on the uppers mimicking tapestry design according to the brand. And the bright colors and speckled midsoles are a throwback to 90s outdoor styles. Each pair will retail for $99.95 and will be available starting July 1st. Why buy Karl’s version of the brand, when you can get the real deal for much much cheaper with just as high a style quotient?



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