Jessica Chastain Covers Marie Claire, New Updates At Instagram, A Stylish Italian Treat, And More!

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by Freya Drohan

Jessica Chastain glows for Marie Claire’s digital Holiday Issue

Oscar winning actress Jessica Chastain graces the cover of Marie Claire’s latest issue, giving a refreshingly honest interview about women’s rights, being raised by a single mom, and the importance of telling authentic female stories. Opening up about her childhood, Chastain says: “My mom raised me. I was very close to my grandmother, who was single most of her life. I remember I was in sixth grade, my sister was in fourth grade, my brother was in first grade, and my mom was out working as a bartender. We were home all the time alone at night. It was just like, ‘We’re taking care of ourselves.’ There was no other option. My mom couldn’t afford childcare, and she was trying to just get us fed. Getting food was the big deal.” The star says that she learned from an early age to be “fiercely protective of women” as a result. She adds: “To me it is my great fight. I use my job to try to celebrate women, but also celebrate women as human beings. Which means, yes, I can play characters that are flawed and do terrible things sometimes. It’s like my job is to constantly remind society that women are human beings.” Read the full feature here.

Images: Jessica Chou 

La DoubleJ brings a slice of Italy to NYC

Dare we even mention the Italy-shaped hole in your heart since The White Lotus wrapped its phenomenally successful second season last weekend? Alas, JJ Martin’s La DoubleJ is here to wipe those tears away. The more-is-more Milanese brand has its sights set on Manhattan, taking over Little Italy’s oldest bakery Caffe Roma for the holiday season. (The family-run institution has been delivering sweet treats since 1891!) Caffe Roma, located at 385 Broome Street, is now reimagined in La DoubleJ’s cheery Cherry and Lilium prints, which can be found on everything from small decor items and the cash wrap to the entire outdoor dining area. Inside, you’ll also find the new Roman Holiday Collection alongside gifting favorites such as trinket trays and cookie boxes for purchase. To further seal the deal, the bakery will be selling limited-edition La DoubleJ x Caffe Roma treats too. The delicious pop-up is open to the public through the end of the month. Nom! 

What’s new at Instagram? Lots!

Today, Meta and Mark Zuckerberg announced new updates to the Instagram platform. And if you’re a kid of the AIM/MSN generation, you’ll love this one in particular. The newly-unveiled Notes feature allows you to share real-time status updates with your Close Friends and will be available for use soon. Think: BRB, OMW, etc. Another function, called Group Profiles essentially allows you to have a separate Finsta (fake insta, ICYMI) that you can share posts and stories on separately from your main account. Then there’s Collaborative Collections, which will allow you to create shared saved collections with other IG users—kind of like a vision board of posts, memes, and Reels, if you will. Meanwhile, Candid Stories are (you guessed it!) a new way to share *exactly* what you’re doing. As per Instagram, your friends need to share first in order to see what you and other friends have already shared. Start a candid from the stories camera, the multi-author story at the top of your stories tray, or from the daily notification reminder that starts after your first candid. (You can always turn it off in Settings if you’d rather not partake in the #NoFilter life.) For a glimpse at what to expect, see below:

Images: Courtesy of Instagram

Eugene Levy’s The Reluctant Traveler will premiere in February

Apple TV+ has confirmed that Eugene Levy’s latest project, The Reluctant Traveler, will premiere globally on February 24, 2023. The eight-part series will follow the Schitt’s Creek star putting himself outside of his comfort zone by visiting intriguing far-flung destinations in places such as Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, and South Africa. Self-confessed non-adventurous type Levy says the premise is to become more enlightened, experiences, and well-versed in both travel and international cultures, and even face long-held fears along the way.

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