A Moment Avec Daphne Groeneveld In Paris

by Eddie Roche


At last night’s Stuart Weitzman bash in Paris, we spied top model Daphne Groeneveld looking stunning in a grey strapless tops and pants by Balmain. So, how’s fashion month going for the Dutch stunner? Let’s find out! Plus! Daphne shares what she’s learned along the way…

What’s your schedule like during Paris Fashion Week?
Actually, this fashion week hasn’t been as crazy. When I was younger, I’d do a crazy amount of shows. I’d be walking around and running from show to show, and not sleeping at all.  This fashion week has been really nice. I’ve only done 16 shows.

In Paris?
No, total. All over. This season, I can actually enjoy myself!

Is that because you can pick and choose what you do now?
Well, it’s up to my agency; they decide. When you’re younger, you have to do a lot of shows to get your face out there. When you’ve been in the business for a long time, you don’t have to do everything anymore.

Any highlights from the shows you walked in this season?
I don’t have a favorite, but Tom Ford was really sexy!

What will you do in your free time in Paris?
I’m playing tourist, and my mom is here, too, so we’ll do things together. I’m going to try to go to some museums, like the Louvre.

What does your mom think of your life?
She’s been traveling with me while I modeled ever since I was 15. So she knows all about [my life]. She’s even waited for me during fittings at 4 a.m.!

What have you learned along the way?
Try to stay true to yourself. Especially here in Paris; going to all the castings can make you really insecure. They’ll cancel you last minute sometimes. But you have to know it’s not about you as a person. It’s about you fitting the collection. It’s not about your look. You can’t take it personally.


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