Mod Vanessa Axente On Her Calvin Klein Gigs, High School, and Gelato

by Daniel Chivu
Vanessa Axente 2

We recently rang up Hungarian mod Vanessa Axente to discuss her Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria ads, in which she’s bedecked in a breezy, pleated white frock. The CK fave (she stars in the Calvin Klein Collection and Calvin Klein Jeans ads for Spring, too) also dished on her gelato kick and balancing her catwalk jaunts with going to her high school classes…

You’re fronting Calvin Klein’s Endless Euphoria campaign, along with a slew of other CK campaigns. Very exciting!
I was so happy when I got the call for the [Endless Euphoria] campaign. I always loved the Euphoria campaigns with Natalia Vodianova, so it’s a big pleasure to get to have one of my own.

What was it like working with Francisco Costa on myriad CK projects?
He’s always so positive! It’s very easy to work with him. He feels like family; I never feel uncomfortable. He just smiles all the time.

Do you get recognized a lot, thanks to Endless Euphoria ads?
Well, they just started to put the campaigns out in Hungary, where I live, so we’ll see…

How’s the Hungarian fashion scene?
Hungary’s fashion industry is quite big, but if you travel to bigger fashion cities, I’ll only meet two or three other Hungarian models.

What is your favorite summer activity?
I like to travel and stay outside all day long, hiking and running.

What’s your go-to snack in the warmer months?
I love to eat gelato every day, in mango, strawberry, and chocolate.

What is the most euphoric aspect of summer?
Having the freedom to travel! Summer is the only time when I don’t have school. I’m in high school, studying finance. This is my last year—I can’t wait to finish.

Any college plans on the docket?
I think I’m going to wait a few years. I don’t know what I would want to study! But when I’m ready for college, I’ll look at universities in New York or Paris.

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