Milk Bar’s Sweet Fashion Collab

by Sydney Sadick

Christina Tosi, chef and founder behind Milk Bar’s addictive creations (Karlie’s Kookies, anyone?), has just made her fashion foray via a collaboration with designer and artist Christina J. Wang. The cjw x milk bar scarf, the parfait accessory that can be worn many ways, features adorable drawings of Tosi’s delicious options. Think: crack pie, a signature birthday cake that’s Insta-famous, cereal milk soft-serve, and cranberry-gingerbread cake (a seasonal milk bar dessert that’s only available in December). Tosi gave us the dish on the yummy details…


We love the scarf! What triggered the collab?
Scarves are by far my favorite accessory. I always have one in my bag or wrapped around my head in the kitchen or nuzzling my neck at my desk. We’ve been working on pushing the visual boundaries of the spirit of Milk Bar through limited-edition tote bags, retail baking mixes, and more, but wanted to up our game.

How did you meet CJW?
I met her when she took a baking class at Milk Bar. She showed up a week later with a huge, beautiful watercolor of our pistachio cake, which we hung in the classroom, and a small oil pastel of a cake burger, which I claimed for my kitchen at home. We have a mutual love and respect for each other’s work. We are instant bright-idea gals but also delicate, incremental creators, and that’s how the cjw x milk bar scarf came to life. Her family is in the fashion biz, so the thought of a yummy, luxurious accessory that lets you take Milk Bar everywhere you go, which garnered a very enthusiastic ‘yes’ from me! ​​It’s such a fun, beautiful, delicious gift for the holidays.​ I, for one, am obsessed!


Christina Tossi, Christina Wang

How was the design process similar and/or different from creating recipes?
In my mind, how you do anything is how you do everything, so the process was very similar. You start passionately with an idea and work from there, making little tweaks, taking a few steps forward and a few steps back until you see it, or taste it, and know you can’t live without it!

Could you see yourself expanding more on the fashion front?
I’d love to! I think Milk Bar has become a fashion in and of itself, which is pretty fun. Taking it outside the kitchen is a huge dream of mine. I have a quirky approach to both food and fashion and really think we could run with it!


The cjw x milk bar scarf can be purchased exclusively on and retails for $175.

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