Meet The Designers Of The Selects Showroom: WNDERKAMMER’s Minimalism And Hankim’s Lunar Fantasy

by Freya Drohan

The Selects Showroom represents a pool of nine talented Korean designers, bringing their creations to a global audience during New York Fashion Week. The Daily caught up with the next generation talent to talk about their latest offerings and the inspirations behind the awe-inspiring garments. Next up: Shin Hye-Young of WNDERKAMMER and Han Kim of HANKIM.


Shin Hye-Young (Courtesy)

Tell us about your brand.
WNDERKAMMER refers to ‘my very own secret place’—where I’ve collected things to remember the moment before the camera shows up. The brand seeks to create a simple and minimalistic style rather than fancy and colorful collections, but it still leaves a strong impression.

What’s the theme of your upcoming collection.
The Fall Winter ’21 collection—I’M HERE—is inspired by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Carolyn, John F. Kennedy Jr.’s wife, had an instinctive, clever sense of style and knew how to make herself look even more beautiful through her outfits. She is synonymous with the minimalism of the 1990s. Not only is this season inspired by the legendary fashion icon, I also think of a scene from director Spike Jonze’s short film, I’m Here, in which Francesca posted paper with the words “I am here” all over the street. This collection of reinterprets her style fused with that of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s.

See details from the collection below and check out WNDERKAMMER online here and on Instagram here.


Han Kim (Courtesy)

Tell us about the brand.
HANKIM, a contemporary womenswear brand, was founded by designer Han Kim. Han Kim received his MA in Fashion from Royal College of Art in 2017 and obtained his BA in Fashion Print from Central Saint Martins in 2015. Previously selected as one of the New York Times’ top 10 graduation shows, his work has received critical acclaim from Vogue UK and CNN. His brand debuted at Paris Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2020. The brand HANKIM reinterprets the beauty of modern women and adds experimental colors and strange details to wittily unraveling the brand codes. The brand has since expanded through Paris and Shanghai Fashion Week.

What’s the theme of your upcoming collection?
The theme for Fall Winter ’21 is ‘fly me to the moon’. The story behind the theme is about a delivery service for a stranger who lives in the moon. During a lunar eclipse, the earth blocks the sun’s light from the moon. Meanwhile, a special order has been placed by stranger. We never know who ordered the service! We never know what they order. We never know where the address is. And her departure passed unnoticed. There are so many question marks hanging over its purpose. Still, to strangers, this is how to sustain their lives.

What’s the inspiration behind it?
Han Kim is inspired by unusual moment in our lives. For Fall, Kim was inspired by one of delivery riders on the road.
When he finished work, it was very dark and there was only moonlight to guide. At that moment, one of delivery riders was driving to somewhere for a stranger in the direction of the moon. Kim imagined she was driving to the moon for special delivery service, and it comes to starting point for HANKIM’s new collection.

See details from the collection below and check out HANKIM online here and on Instagram here.

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