Meet The Designers Of The Selects Showroom: Wearable & Sleek Styles From EENK And Youser

by Freya Drohan

The Selects Showroom represents a pool of nine talented Korean designers, bringing their creations to a global audience during New York Fashion Week. The Daily caught up with the next generation talent to talk about their latest offerings and the inspirations behind the awe-inspiring garments. First up: Lee Moo Yeol of Youser and Lee Hyemee of EENK.  


Lee Hyemee (Courtesy)

Tell us about your brand.
Lee Hyemee: In the age of fast fashion and endless cycles of trends, EENK aims to bring collectibles instead of disposables into the personal archives through the ‘Letter Project’. Each season the project moves on to the next letter to inspire the new collection, presenting new concepts and items, keeping the brand exciting and inspiring all the time. While the pieces look into the curiosities of the moment, they have the unmistakable taste of the designer’s classic vintage sensibility.

What’s the theme of your upcoming collection?
A sense of desire is hidden under the discreet formality of the Fall ’21 collection, titled T for Temptation.

What’s the inspiration behind it? What can we expect?
High necklines and lace collars, form-fitted waists, and delicate flounces inspired by Victorian era decorum hints at a restrained romanticism veiled underneath. Signifiers of femininity and prudence of the other era, taken along with details from menswear, composes a modern mystery detached from the blunt world of today.

See details from the collection below and check out EENK online here and on Instagram here.


Lee Moo Yeol (Courtesy)

Tell us about your brand.
Lee Moo Yeol: Through the combination and dissolution of clothes, we want to create a new area by bringing new life into the work, while at the same time removing the distinction between imagination and reality.

What’s the theme of your upcoming collection?
The theme is “Nonfiction”. We made the collection by imagining the present and the future from the perspective of the past. It combines vintage and classical materials and colors with futuristic elements to complete a modern, avant-garde look. Clothes were combined three-dimensional or flat, making impossible things possible by imagination.

What’s the inspiration behind it?
The collection was inspired by scifi novels and animations produced before the ’90s. At that time, the artists’ imagination for future looks fresh from the current perspective. We wanted to create a new work on an equivocal boundary, not the past or the real future.

See details from the collection below and check out Youser online here and on Instagram here.

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