Meet The Designers Of The Selects Showroom: C-ZANN E, THE STUDIO K, And VERSO

by Freya Drohan

The Selects Showroom represents a pool of nine talented Korean designers, bringing their creations to a global audience during New York Fashion Week. The Daily caught up with the next generation talent to talk about their latest offerings and the inspirations behind the awe-inspiring garments. Next up: Seo Jung Lee of C-ZANN E, Hye-Jin Hong of THE STUDIO K, Soon Jin Kwon of VERSO. 


Seo Jung Lee (Courtesy)

Tell us about the brand.
The design concept of  C-ZANN E is defined as “Korean + Avant-Garde”  + “Minimalism Design”.  C-ZANN E collections are designed with a touch of  modernization and with the beauty of Korean elements.  I try to find the right balance between the traditional ‘Hanbok’ elements of my collection, while creating aesthetic values at the same time.  Air and movement are the two key elements that complete the collection. It’s expressed in our designs, which are based on sophisticated yet simple lines that transform with the movements of the wearer and the movements of the air. It is the individual that brings meaning to the outfit.

What’s the theme of your upcoming collection?
The theme of this C-ZANN E collection is  “Morning Calm” (recognized in Korea as Morning Calm by Ravindranath Tagore, Nobel prize-winning novelist.) The context of “Morning Calm” is the end of darkness and the moment of the sun rise; feeling the calmness and an exploration full of energy, colors, and lights. I am hoping and praying for the new beginning of an era full of passion and energy. We all are ready and waiting for it. Color wise, calmness is expressed with black, grey, and white, and the sunrise is seen in the yellow, purple, and navy. Calmness is simple but sophisticated lines, with a twist of the avant-garde for up interest.

What’s the inspiration behind it?
The last empire of Korea, Chosun Dynasty, is recognized as the land of  “Morning Calm” by western and Rabindranath Tagore,  from the Land of the Morning Calm. Just like Morning Calm, the moment of the new sun rise has not yet come. But we all know that it is almost there. It is just before the sunrise. Hope and pray for everyone’s wellness and happiness in the upcoming season.

See details from the collection below and check out C-ZANN E online here and on Instagram here.


Hye-Jin Hong (Courtesy)

Tell us about the brand.
THE STUDIO K’s design philosophy begins with a pleasant imagination about the concept of future. We combine modern silhouettes and colors with new technology and media.

What’s the theme of your upcoming collection?
The Fall theme is Real / Surreal; reflecting the current era in which the boundary between reality and ultra-realism has become unclear after COVID-19. Following last season, which proposed post-COVID-19 fashion to reflect the times, we present hope for the near future through ideal visual indicators. Through the image contrast between the real city background and the realistic model, we would like to convey the message in THE STUDIO K’s own way that a pleasant future will come. Also, because the COVID-19 generation has become restricted in their lifestyles, the collection is focused on a more wearable and comfortable silhouette.

What’s the inspiration behind it?
As a fashion designer, I aim for a variety of interesting attempts to show the present and the near future in the realm of fashion design. This season, inspired by the daily life that feels unrealistic after COVID-19, I developed the design imagining the future ahead.

See details from the collection below and check out THE STUDIO K online here and on Instagram here.



Soon Jin Kwon (Courtesy)

Tell us about the brand.
VERSO means the back of the paper in French, the left page of the book. Through our brand, we will show you the process of discovering and finding your hidden side. The clothes you wear and keep in your wardrobe are a special medium for you to look at yourself honestly in the moment. VERSO’s collection, which allows the natural permeation of one’s taste and value according to the way each person dresses, aims to focus on the quiet ‘inner self’ beyond the clothes.

What’s the theme of your upcoming collection.
We’d like to deliver a story about a “beautiful woman”. By adding an oriental silhouette to Western clothes and putting more modern design into Eastern style of clothing, we added different pieces of characteristics to reinterpret them and added soft colors of nature.

What’s the inspiration behind it?
Inspiration is created in places that are not specifically designated. When you walk down the street, when you meet the grandeur of the forest, when you step on the leaves, when you meet women who express their aesthetic values; the loved ones around you are connected as one, and the process of re-establishing and circulating the meaning of VERSO’s beauty again by expressing them is a moment of inspiration and the most important flow for me.

See details from the collection below and check out VERSO online here and on Instagram here.

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