Made In Italy Cashmere And Knitwear Labels To Snap Up!

by Julia Oakes

As we continue treading along into the thick of fashion week, we can’t help but dream of out-of-office sabbaticals where the work stops and the fashion tops! And so, we’ve got our eyes set on Italy—specifically, the 70 Made in Italy labels ready to show at COTERIE, scheduled to return to in-person format in NYC from February 27 – March 1. Next up: cozy knits and soft cashmere stitched to perfection. 


With raw materials, timeless class, and generations of made-in-Italy elegance as its bread and butter, Whyci is a go-to label for more reasons than one. Untreated wool, silk and cashmere blends decorated with seasonal prints and embroideries? You had us at Ciao! [Agent name: Elena Ghisolfi; Booth number: 6529]


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She’s So

Feminine knitwear has always been part of She’s So founder Nicola Nicolini’s DNA. Now, fifty-plus years after the label’s inception, customers are still flocking to its racks for his stand-out attention to detail and unconventional approach to modern elegance. Bellissima! [Agent name: Federica; Booth number: 6626]


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Nestled deep in Tuscany’s vineyard-adorned countryside, Melarosa touts a refreshing focus on sustainable luxury and intimate buyer-seller dynamics. Its alta moda knitwear enlists cordon bleu silk, cashmere, cotton, and silk, and puffs bespoke (numbered and signed!) hand-painted designs. [Agent name: Antonella Gennari; Booth number: 6424]


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Rocco Ragni

Tucked away in the foothills of Mount Tezio, Perugia label Rocco Ragni has grown synonymous with artisanal knitwear and precious cashmere. Each design pulls inspiration from its namesake founder’s interest in traditional spinning techniques and the beauty of Umbrian terrain. Amore with every stitch! [Agent name: Stefano Moreschi; Booth number: 6824]


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Knitwear specialist Kangra is one that keeps perfection top of mind—from the selection of raw materials to distribution, and every moment in between. Made with only the most pure yarns, from heavy cable knits to light cardigans, each Kangra knit is a definite “si!” from us. [Agent name: Lidia Nasi; Booth number: 6413]


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Tricot Chic

Delivering irresistible staple picks since 1972, Tricot Chic has been pioneering the world of wardrobe-worthy knitwear since its inception 50 years ago. Its seasonal offerings tout split-sleeve capes, wool-fringed cardigans and swoon–worthy RTW—made in Italy, from start to finish. Bellissima! [Agent name: Flavio Nava; Booth number: 6819]


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Of Handmade

With an offering indicative of its name, cult-favorite knitwear brand Of Handmade celebrates both traditional practice and contemporary design in every piece. Its paradoxical design approach combined with its sustainable “no planet B” ethos leaves Of Handmade a front-runner season after season. [Agent name: Simona Guaini; Booth number: 7827]


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How do you say “cashmere”?! Paying constant attention to detail and rising trends, yet reinstating its loyalty to timeless style is, perhaps, what Adesi does best. That, or its impressive selection of button-down knits, turtlenecks, cardigans and zipped sweaters. Mamma mia! [Agent name: Adelfo Sisto; Booth number: 6434]


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BASE Milano

Simplicity is bliss, and no one knows it better than BASE. Showing off an assortment of knitwear and luxury sportswear, the Milanese label focuses heavily on clean lines, an urban spirit and universal aesthetic appeal. Knitwear per tutti! [Agent name: Chieccio Mario; Booth number: 6410]


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Dating back to its founding in 1934, Italian label Fedeli has evidently found its sweet spot: wherever quality and tradition meet passion and creativity. Made exclusively in the boot for over 85 years, Fedeli’s sumptuous cashmeres and wool blends ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail, no matter the simplicity of the garment. [Agent name: Beatrice Canzian; Booth number: 6525]


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Lorena Benatti

The face of femininity since 1956, Lorena Benatti is the ITA label specializing in know-how knitwear and femme perfection! From two-toned palettes and asymmetrical cuts, sporty sets to professional tailoring, Lorena Benatti will fulfill all your knitted needs! [Agent name: Francesca Corradini; Booth number 6631]


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With sophisticated comfortable classics, family values, and 60+ years under its swank belt, knitwear scientist Musetti constantly holds a high rank. From capes to cardigans and everything in between, Musetti is simply a go-to for wool and cashmere staples. [Agent name: Fabio Pietrella; Booth number 6530]


Purotatto is the ready to wear label that draws customers with its 100% cashmere knitwear promise, and keeps them flocking back with irresistible Mediterranean-inspired garb. Whether you’re in the market for pleated trousers, breezy linens, or a classic cashmere staple, a Purotatto investment can do no wrong. [Agent name: Jacopo Foti; Booth number: 6406]


Translation for cashmere, please! Flaunting a hard-to-come-by design ethos of minimalist opulence, Ta.Sk. delivers chic womenswear through and through—sweaters, loungewear, outerwear and more. Cashmere sweat sets? You had us at ciao! [Agent name: Giovanni Vasta; Booth number: 6520]


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