Fun, Flirty, Fab! 13 Made In Italy Brands To Stock Your Wardrobes With ASAP

by Julia Oakes

New York Fashion Week might be in full swing, but we can’t help but transport ourselves across the pond to Italy—where time moves more slowly but the fashion certainly still wows! Lucky for you, we’re introducing you to the 50 Made in Italy brands ready to show at COTERIE’s trade show, scheduled to return to in-person format in NYC from September 19-21. First up on our list: 13 brands known for irresistible everyday staples and wardrobe must-haves! 

De Santis by Martin Alvarez

If there’s a post-COVID, office-ready brand we’ve got our eyes locked on, it’s De Santis by Martin Alvarez. From belted utility suit sets and structured cape coats to fluid skirts and decorative appliqués, every piece is a nod to high tailoring and timeless class. 

[agent name: Carmine De Santis]

Alberto Audenino

Flaunting pedestal-worthy Italian fashion season after season, fashion designer Alberto Audenino founded his namesake brand in 2014, after years of crafting collections from recycled materials, and hasn’t looked back since. His recipe for success, you ask? Sustainable practice blended seamlessly with innovative, female silhouette-honoring design and unarguable glamour—from rhinestone fringe and sequin detailing to flared tulle and exaggerated bows. Muah! 


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[agent name: Alberto Audenino]

Seventy Venezia

Refined and glamorous, Seventy Venezia evokes feelings of its whimsical, canal-adorned roots. A go-to for men and women alike, Seventy Venezia promises versatile excellence and subtle glamour with every stitch. To make the brand even more of a best seller, its user-friendly website offers curated lookbooks for whichever occasion you’re shopping. 


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[agent name: Marco Tiburzi]


With Michela Giaofatto at its helm, Venice-founded label Gaiofatto aims to deliver on fashion that empowers women while also giving them the space to embrace their femininity. To add to its sophisticated aesthetic, Giaofatto’s ethos takes on a much deeper meaning: environmentally conscious, short chain manufacturing. Luxury with a sustainable ethos at its core? Where do we sign up!


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[agent name: Michela Gaiofatto]

Frida Querida Firenze

If you haven’t heard, we’re planning our next holiday—and you already know where we’re headed! Take a quick peek at Frida Querida Firenze’s stylish al mare-ready swimwear offering, and you’ll likely know what we’ll be wearing, too. Plus, who doesn’t love a good mixing and matching swimwear moment?! Consider us sold.

[agent name: Virginia]

Queen Moda Positano

Eyelet maxi dresses, lace-adorned cover-ups, shoulder-bearing blouses, the list goes on! Since 1987, Queen Moda’s offering has comprised bohemian, Amalfi Coast-inspired pieces made not only for Positano, but for any globetrotting adventure. If you need to reach us, you know where to find us. Ciao bella!

[agent name: Maria Gentile]


Inspired by finding the perfect balance between timelessness and contemporary appeal,  Rosso35 designs for the woman confident in her femininity and uninvolved with the fleeting nature of trends. With soft tones, dainty silhouettes, and clean lines, it’s clear that the Genoa-based aesthetic is one not only of softness and elegance, but sophistication and simplicity.


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[agent name: Laura Mantero]

Twinset Milano

Despite its location-influenced name, Twinset Milano was founded on the rugged coast of Capri. The brand, which has since made an impact in the States, touts a ready to wear line chock full of everything from evening dresses and heels to branded sweat sets and tennis shoes. It’s no wonder supermodels across the globe can’t resist! 


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[agent name: Mia Smy]

VLT’s by Valentina’s

Since the late 1960s, when it was founded by the Dani Family, VLT’s has kept attention to detail for both comfort and fit top of mind. With locations dotted across Italy’s Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, and Abruzzo regions, VLT’s research-backed design excellence is just a hop, skip, and a Vespa away! 


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[agent name: AnnaMaria Parenti]

Laboratorio Alda Santini

Welcome to the Lab—the spot where all the magic happens! Based in the undulating hills-adorned region of Tuscany, Laboratorio Alda Santini offers developmental support and unarguably stylish intel for men’s and women’s ready to wear—namely, for the Alda Santini and Emma White brands. The brand evidently toasts to clean, innovative design and pays no mind to trends or patterns. 


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[agent name: Alda Santini]


MeiMeiJ is a stylish walking paradox—humble, yet statement-making; urban, yet refined. Perhaps it’s that same oxymoronic disposition that has its customers flocking back season after season. Whatever the case may be, our new go-to style is exactly what’s on MeiMeij’s racks. 


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[agent name: Davide Muto]


Holding close to the values of true Italian craftsmanship and timeless design, Philo takes everything into consideration when designing pieces—from quality of fabric to manufacturing practices. With over 400 (!!) stores and boutiques in Italy and abroad, there’s no time to wait!


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[agent name: Emanuela Morrione]


If there’s any brand that keeps the “Made In Italy ” mantra front and center—from conception to production—it’s Alysi, the ITA brand that ensures exceptional quality and attention to detail, no matter the simplicity of the garment. While the quality speaks for itself, Alysi’s unique aesthetic gives way to interpretation, with a collection of pieces made for women with eclectic tastes and a sophisticated, metropolitan, and chic state of mind. 


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[agent name: Federico Impiombato]

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