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by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) We’re Lovin’ It: Justin Timberlake Unveils His New Album Cover [Refinery29] 
You can now stream the whole JT album on iTunes

Harrods Partners With Dior On Store Takeover [Vogue UK] 
The famed department store will become a tribute to the fashion house

Alexa Chung Reveals More Details About Her Book [Telegraph UK] 
Chung says her upcoming book is “definitely not an autobiography” 

France’s Most Infamous Escort/Lingerie Designer Launches Ready-to-Wear, Stands Us Up [Fashionista] 
The designer stands up a Fashionista editor 

Marc Jacobs Dons a Kilt to Shill Diet Coke [Racked] 
The ads for Marc Jacobs‘ designed Diet Coke bottles have arrived

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