Editor’s Pick: Elastique Lymphatic Drainage Leggings

by Freya Drohan

What: Elastique, a revolutionary new wellness-wear collection, uses a patent-pending, MicroPerle™ technology which works to simulate a lymphatic massage while you move. Yes, really! Wear them to spin, wear them running to the subway, heck, even wear them on the sofa, and you’ll still reap the rewards.

Who: France-native Emeline Stout has been eating, sleeping, and breathing true wellness before Gwyneth Paltrow even got her head around the concept. Born in Vichy, a region known for its spa culture and deep connection to health, Stout has been immersed in the world from the get go. When she moved to the US and found herself trying to keep up with the hamster wheel pace of life as a mom, she got to work creating the ultimate pair of leggings. Stout spent almost 2,000 days perfecting the style—which she likens to “a wearable massage!”

Why: If I search my floundering inbox for ‘activewear’—I won’t even tell you how many results show up. In this post-COVID world as we have irrevocably shift to wearing more and more athleisure, the category is exploding at an exponential rate. Alas, while I’d prefer that every pair of yoga pants I acquire while change my life, they rarely do. Enter: Elastique with its genius premise to give your body a helping hand while you wear them. In an eight-week clinical study, 100% of women said the overall appearance of their thighs improved, their skin seemed firmer, and signs of cellulite had been visibly reduced. And 80% said they felt a reduction of stubborn cellulite as well as less water retention on their thighs. Now…how do I commission a full body wrap version?

Where: elastiqueleggings.com

How much: $189

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