Your New Rosé Obsession Has Arrived

by Ashley Baker

Have you tried the new pink drink that is all the rage in the Hamptons? Meet Out East Rosé. Inspired by the East End, but ultimately born in Provence, it’s bound to become your staple. Creative director Maggie Slavonic explains!

Tell us about your professional background. How did you end up in the wine business?
I’ve been working in the design space for just shy of 20 years across many mediums — print design, TV and film graphics, packaging, and environmental graphics for clients such as Sony, MLB Network, Sky TV, Collective Design, and ATO Records. I have been a creative director for the past 12 and have run my own design studio with one of my best friends for the past 10 years. We just recently decided to take a step back and change the approach to our brand in order to make room for other ventures we wanted to explore individually. Finding someone you can work cohesively with for 10 years, especially a friend, is such a unique situation. When this idea for Out East blossomed with a group of friends, it was a no-brainer.

Maggie Slavonic

Do you remember the first glass of wine that really made an impression on you?
I can’t actually remember the first glass of wine that made an impression on me, but there are significant moments in my life shared over wine that I cherish. For example, I used to sublet my apartment during the summer and rent a place in Paris and work remotely. The first summer I did this was special because I had no idea what to expect living in another country by myself. I immediately felt at home and met the nicest people. We spent the summer bonding while sharing bottles of rosé and eating delicious French fare!

What’s the concept behind Out East Rosé?
We wanted Out East Rosé to be more than just a bottle of the best-tasting rosé in the world. We wanted it to represent the picturesque setting of the Hamptons, a moment shared with friends…essentially, a way of life. You can experience your “Out East” moment anywhere in the world. For many summers, Paris was my “Out East” — a place where I could relax and draw inspiration from and where, of course, drinking rosé in the summer is a lifestyle.

Where do you source your grapes and make your wine?
The grapes come from vines grown on the limestone and clay soils of “Green Provence” in the south of France, giving the wine extraordinary freshness and vitality. Our rosé is a blend of Grenache (60 percent) and Cinsault (40 percent). Cinsault has a floral nose and gives notes of strawberry and dried fruit. Its naturally low level of tannin and acidity make it perfect for blending with Grenache to magnificent result. Ours is a highly allocated wine, so make sure to try some before it’s gone!

Out East Vineyard in Provence.

Why are you such a fan of French rosés?
As far as a taste profile, it’s hard to beat a French rosé, which is why creating the perfect rosé from Provence was so important to us. Also, for me personally, there is so much sentiment behind a French rosé.

How much rosé do you enjoy in a summer? Do you drink it year-round?
Rosé is definitely a summer staple among me and my friends. It always seems to taste the best opened in the late afternoon. For me, rosé is the consummate symbol of summer.

Who did you partner with on Out East Rosé to help you realize your vision?
My friend Patrick Mitchell and a host of talented friends and professionals in NYC and abroad helped support us and bring this vision to reality.

Where will you be enjoying the rosé out East this summer?
My fiancé and I live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and I am actually nine-and-a-half months pregnant, so we will be enjoying Out East Rosé at home with family and friends that visit us [after the birth]. Our Out East family headquarters is in Bridgehampton, so I’m looking forward to “Out East” moments there once we have downtime with the baby.

What are your favorite ways to spend time out East?
Spending time at a house with friends. I love cooking and sharing with friends and, of course, going to the beach. I really enjoy the relaxed home vibe of the Hamptons! Poolside with a glass of rosé is pretty perfect.

How long have you been going to the Hamptons?
On and off since I’ve lived in New York, about 10 years.

Do you have any special travel plans this summer?
Because we will soon have a newborn, we’ll most likely stay put until September. We are planning on spending a few weeks in Italy, followed by a trip to Provence for harvest at our Out East vineyard. Very excited! Other than that, maybe some small trips to see family and friends, depending on how we feel.

How frequently are you going to the south of France for work?
Not as often as I would like, but hopefully that changes this coming year! The south of France is always a good idea.

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