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by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Mr. Money Bags: Michael Kors Latest Pay Check [Vogue UK]
The designer took home $13.6 million in the last 12 months 

Sofia Coppola Wanted To Be A Magazine Editor [The Telegraph]
The Bling Ring director reveals she wanted to be an editor and she interned for Karl Lagerfeld

Never Before Seen Photos Of Lauren Hutton Modeling For Penthouse At 19 [The Daily Mail]
Going by the name of Mary Hall, Lauren Hutton posed semi-nude for Penthouse in 1962

Robbie Myers: Yes, Women’s Magazines Can Do Serious Journalism [ELLE]
The EIC writes letter to readers in response to a New Republic article questioning journalism in women’s magazines

Madonna Dresses Up As Marlene Dietrich For Premiere Of Her New Film [The Sun]
The iconic pop star dresses up as the iconic film star for the premiere of Madonna: The MDNA Tour

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