The Best Responses to Kim Kardashian West’s Viral Vacay Tweet

by Freya Drohan

Stars—they’re just not like us, really, are they? As Kim Kardashian West found out when she shared a snippet into her life in the middle of a global pandemic with her 67 million Twitter followers. Celebrating her 40th birthday, the reality star wanted to “pretend things were normal” and spend some time with her extended family and inner circle (I mean, fair, we’re all just trying to get by).

Alas, her live blogging of a lavish trip to a private island turned into perhaps the most viral Twitter moment of the year. If you logged on to the social media network last night and wondered why everyone you follow was tweeting sarcastically about surprising their clique with a fortnight in paradise—accompanied with a suitably zeitgeisty or iconic group photo—here’s what started it all:

Here are our favorite tongue-in-cheek responses.

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