Karaoke With Linda Farrow's Tracy Sedino!

by The Daily Front Row

To finish out Miami Swim Week, the creative team (and super cute couple) behind Linda Farrow, Tracy Sedino and Simon Jablon, summoned a rowdy crowd for an evening of karaoke at The Standard Spa. Strong drinks made the rounds, and the room was filled with the sound of lovely (and/or screeching) hits from the Eighties and Nineties, while singers accessorized their tunes with pairs of funky Linda Farrow sunglasses. We sat down with Sedino to chat about her karaoke past and her sunglasses-filled future. 

What are you going to sing tonight for karaoke?
I haven’t decided yet!

When will you?
When I get onstage! Actually, we did a karaoke party with Prabal Gurung in New York, and we did a dinner first. So by the time we went down to the karaoke spot we were super wasted. All I remember is seeing a picture of me on Style.com the next morning with my mouth wide open!

Do tell, what is your go-to style on the shades front?
I am usually quite classic, I have to say. I actually only wear one pair, and I’ve been wearing them for about four years. It’s so bad…I design sunglasses and I only wear one pair!

Well, what does that one pair look like?
They’re quite large cat eye sunglasses by Linda Farrow and whenever I lose one pair, I just get another one. They’re actually our bestseller, everyone wears them: Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele, Miranda Kerr.

Do you wear your sunnies indoors?
No! You know when people wear them inside, even when they own a sunglasses company, I’m just like, “What are you doing?” Even if they say they’re just representing their brand, I think that’s unnecessary. If I had a rollerblade brand, it’s not like I’d skate around indoors with on rollerblades at all times. It’s just inappropriate!

Gotcha! So, what’s up next for Linda Farrow?
Well it’s our 10th anniversary this year! We’re opening a London store on Mount Street; it’s an amazing location. And we just launched a collaboration with Phillip Lim: it’s a small Menswear collection, which just came out. But the full collection will release in September.

If you could pick one favorite collaborator, who would it be?
We’ve been working with Jeremy Scott for a while, and he, out of all the designers we collab with, makes these iconic pieces. Everything we do with him becomes a collectible. Like, for example the Mickey Mouse sunglasses that Lady Gaga wore, they’re so recognizable.

If you could have an old Hollywood star wearing your glasses, who would it be?
I don’t want to say Marilyn or Audrey, because everyone would say those. I think Katherine Hepburn would be perfect, in her suit and a great pair of Linda Farrow glasses!

Click HERE to see more pictures from the karaoke event!

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