Victoria Unikel on iconic Miami Swim Week at Art Hearts Fashion! Why was the last show jam packed with everyone in Miami?

Victoria Unikel strikes a pose on the red carpet at Art Hearts Fashion

by Tom White

Miami Swim Week is always full of excited guests and top designers from around the world showing the latest trends and swim collections. Among other show producers, the headliner of this iconic annual event is Art Hearts Fashion. Their hot events are full of surprises and celebrities. Mister Triplex X, Giannina Azar, Lila Nikole, Pink Melon Swim, and Love For Upcycling were the notable designers present, while Black Tape Project blew everyone away as the headlining closing show. Drakhan Blackhart’s Black Tape Project show was so hot that the audience barely fit into the M2 club, the fantastic new NY style venue for the Art Hearts Fashion event.

Victoria Unikel and Erik Rosete, Founder & President of Art Hearts Fashion and Designer of Mister Triple X 

An international celebrity artist and media mogul, Victoria Unikel is known for her support of Erik Rosete, the founder of Art Hearts Fashion. “Many years ago, when we just launched 24Fashion TV, Art Hearts Fashion chose us to be their media sponsor, which was huge for me. I was just giddy from happiness! Since then, we grew and now we have millions of views on the platforms, my VUGA Enterprises owns over 100 and Gossip Stone TV, another TV channel, but I’ll always be grateful to Erik for that and always support Art Hearts Fashion with my resources. Erik’s fashion shows are just bigger and grander!” Victoria says.

Miami artist an international activist with new art launching in 2024

Unikel the artist is back! Victoria was awarded by Mosaic Federation, an international organization headed by members of the FBI, CIA, MI-6, and Scotland Yard for best art helping eliminate human slavery and trafficking. She then started creating her own unique style – provocative, loud and very timeless. Famous UK tabloid Daily Star was the first to show her WAR series to the world. Her art calls on the people to use their energy to stop war. After gathering energy herself for several years, she finally channeled it into releasing different series of paintings focused on equality, peace and justice, while continuing her journey of radiating love to her fans.

Victoria Unikel with team of Art Hearts Fashion: VIP Director Anthony Allen Serrano, and Press Director Timur Tugberk

“What I love in the Art Hearts Fashion concept and philosophy is that all people working on this amazing project feel like they’re a family, and this builds energy that you can’t rent or buy. All their shows and amazing designers are so much more than your standard fashion runway show! With Art Hearts, there’s always hot action, always FIRE, on-stage! I’ve seen a lot of fashion shows, but never one quite like theirs. It’s different, with unique style all its own”, says Victoria Unikel. She shared her glowing photos with her @victoriaunikel Instagram audience of 657,000 fans.

Victoria Unikel at the Art Hearts Fashion Miami Swim Week opening party

The media mogul also attended several Paraiso shows and networking events during Miami Swim Week. “For me there are no competitors here, just friends. I connect with many people in the media and fashion worlds, and I believe that our strength lies in coming together and using all our creativity to improve the world rather than engaging in destructive competitive activities.”

Fashion plans and music ambitions

Victoria Unikel’s other passion and past vocation is music, and she has produced her own large live productions where she performed her original music. Having a clothing line in Germany, she also created unforgettable costumes for these giant stage musical productions.

Victoria Unikel on the Art Hearts Fashion red carpet

“When the taped, nearly naked model started playing guitar on the runway during the Black Tape Project show, I was like ‘Damn, I need to get back to music again!’ because I’ve already put on my own concerts with audiences in the thousands. Miami Swim Week shows reminded me how much I missed that! Maybe I’ll collaborate with designers or maybe I’ll create my own line, but I definitely need to be back on stage as an artist and hope I will perform during Art Hearts Fashion show one day,” she added.
Main photo by Denise Belyea
All other photos by Gene Avakyan
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