Fitness Banter! With Bianca Jade of

by The Daily Front Row’s very own Bianca Jade tells us how she gears up for her weekends in the Hamptons.

Describe your typical Saturday morning!
Hanging by the pool, eaying my daily breakfast of a red apple, and getting amped to workout with my friend and trainer, Holly Rilinger. 

What’s her Sag Habor boot camp like?
It’s a killer! It’s an hourlong, interval-based, outdoor obstacle course in a sandpit. We drag tires, use weighted ropes and do TRX. I’ve never been as lean or toned and had as much fun working out.

What’s the crowd like?
Holly attracts an amazing group. Expect insta-friends, not snobby workout-a-holics who don’t want to talk to each other.

What do you do post-workout?
I shower immediately! Sweat is full of toxins! I cool down by drinking Mercy. It’s bubbly with vitamins.