Justin Borbe – Chronicles From a New York Fashion Blogger

by Amir Bakian

The clothing you wear daily speaks so much about you to the world. Fashion gives you a sense of belonging and allows people to look their best and feel good about themselves. Besides making you look great, what you choose to wear can profoundly affect how you feel. Justin Borbe is a fashion blogger who represents that fashion is a powerful means of expression. Justin Borbe, known on Instagram as @Igjustin, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from New York who shares his outfits in the ever-changing fashion and lifestyle industry. He had a passion for lifestyle and fashion at a very young age, which began by watching YouTube videos that inspired him to create content as a hobby. Little did he know that it would eventually turn into a high-earning career that opened the doors and provided endless opportunities and partnerships with big companies. 

Justin continues to be inspired by Anime, Star Wars, and Kobe Bryant and enjoys connecting with those around him, sharing artistic pictures with beautiful backgrounds that his followers can enjoy. He finds joy in discussing everything he knows about lifestyle living and travel tips and even touches on the details of some of the latest fashion releases. Justin’s page covers some of the best and most relevant topics related to fashion. He gains satisfaction from helping others be trendy at any time for any occasion. Being an industry leader and a fashion influencer allowed Justin to rub shoulders with big and recognizable brands, including Psycho Bunny, Zappos, Expressmen, Alo Yoga, Florsheim, liquor brands such as Jack Daniels, Courvoisier, and Korbel Prosecco. Because of his incredible rise as a blogger and the large following he gained over the years on his social media platforms, he was invited to exclusive events and parties, including Fashion Week, which is his absolute favorite. Although Justin experienced unmatched success, he realized he could be better and has much to learn and areas to improve. He continues to learn, adapt, and overcome any challenges he might face. His goal is to continue providing his audience with relatable and informative content.

Justin says it is always a pleasure to find something you are passionate about and let it drive you. It will surely give you tremendous joy. When you start your journey in what inspires you, don’t let anything or anyone distract you from your goal. Justin emphasizes others to keep investing in the work because hard work is a key that opens excellent doors. Patience is also a virtue because success takes time, but most importantly, don’t let anything weigh you down in life because every bump makes you greater in one way or another.

Justin’s ultimate goal is to continue networking, making bigger and better connections with many more brands, and being a fashion icon in fantastic events and new collection launches. He desires to continue gaining a great crowd that looks to him for a sense and taste of fashion. Justin aspires to continue his journey by practicing, mastering, and sharing his craft to entertain his audience.

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