Jenn Nguyen Does UX Design With Grit and Style

by Tom White

Jenn Nguyen, who some may know as Jennciaga has recently launched her own design company, Jenn Studio. She’s a leader within the industry whose career sits at the intersection of fashion, technology, startups, and culture. Her foray in entrepreneurship through Jenn Studio has tasked her with a mission of using her honed skill set for clients who seek high growth and bespoke services tailored to their unique needs.
Growing up the daughter of Vietnamese refugees in Toronto, Jenn comes from humble beginnings. Becoming increasingly ensconced in art through digital media and graphic design meant that she’d ultimately deviate from her parents’ wishes of pursuing a stable career in the field of medicine. Choosing the complete opposite route, she would ultimately pursue her lifelong digital design dreams, landing in the fashion capital of the world, New York City. Through college, her career quickly catapulted to new heights with the transformative experience of working in Paris for global fashion and retail beauty brands such as Chanel, Hermès and Pablo.

Images by Abraham Hernandez

Jenn credits her resilience in the early stages of her design agency career, to the pivotal roles she’s landed at renowned brands such as Canada Goose and Hudson’s Bay. Her consulting role with GameStop further proved her adaptability when she navigated the intricacies of working during the very high-profile short squeeze.
During her highly dedicated time at Canada Goose, Jenn was forced to reckon with ensuing burnout. For Jenn, it was this moment that catalyzed her openness about her own mental health struggles with aims at promoting more awareness and helping others within her industry. Jenn’s recent ventures with fintech startup Fast Checkout, and Gen-Z creator economy platform Emcee Studios, which partners with designer fashion brands Dion Lee, Miaou, Luar, and Colina Estrada, showcase her commitment to staying at the forefront of her industry. “Prioritizing mental well-being while pursuing entrepreneurship and UX design is critical to my success,” Jenn notes. Understanding how success in fashion and design can coexist with mental health, Jenn Nguyen stands tall as an inspiring advocate.
Jenn’s path is one of perseverance that has led her to triumphant achievements, such as being personally scouted by the Senior Director of Digital Design at Tory Burch, being a design lead for the redesign of Tory Burch and Calvin Klein’s e-commerce website, and contributing to Canada Goose’s IPO preparations.
Jenn Nguyen stands out not merely as a user experience design expert but as a multifaceted professional contributing significantly to the broader conversation around culture, startups, ecommerce, and small businesses. Jenn Studio, signifies a new chapter where she plans on channeling her wealth of experience into assisting founders, startups, and established businesses that are looking to scale and reach contemporary audiences that actively play a role in shaping the cultural zeitgeist.
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