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It's All Gravy For Cushnie et Ochs

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You know them best as the design pair behind the edgy label Cushnie et Ochs, but Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs are going their separate ways for the dinner of Thanks. While Cushnie hails from London and Ochs is a Maryland gal, both have a penchant for the savory flavors of mashed potatoes and stuffing. Well, for as long as the gravy lasts!

Where in the world will you be eating Thanksgiving dinner?
Carly Cushnie: I’ll be with my family in Jamaica. Unfortunately, it won’t be a Thanksgiving celebration there, but we still have a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, as if we were in the States.
Michelle Ochs: I’ll be in Orlando with my boyfriend’s family to celebrate Thanksgiving as well as his grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary.

What is your favorite dish to get seconds (and thirds) of?
MO: Mashed potatoes with a ton of gravy, because towards the end when you can’t stop eating, they’re soft and easy to chew.

Do you get really into cooking for the holiday, or do you stay out of the kitchen as much as possible?
CC: If I’m hosting, I enjoy cooking a lot! If someone else is hosting, I tend to leave them to it as its never good to have too many cooks in the kitchen.
MO: I stay out of the kitchen as much as possible!

Any successes of past ‘givings?
: Last year I made a Bailey’s cheesecake for the first time that turned out pretty well.  Pumpkin is normally the star of Thanksgiving so it was nice to make another festive dessert option.

Let’s talk traditions! Got any?
: I love to watch the football game!

Can we find you hitting amid the Black Friday masses?
CC: I’ve never been! The thought of it is frightening.
MO: I avoid the stores at all cost, but I’ll be tempted to peek at the online sales.

Last thoughts on leftovers?
CC: It’s all good until someone finishes the gravy.

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