Introducing The 70 Made In Italy Brands Showing At COTERIE

by The Daily Front Row

As Italian brands prepare to show at COTERIE and capture the US market’s hearts, the Daily checked in with the driving force behind the fashion and beauty division at the Italian Trade Commission, Paola Guida, to hear what she sees in her crystal ball for 2022!

How are you feeling ahead of the return to Coterie?
There is definitely a sense of cautious optimism! Obviously, everyone is obliging ongoing safety requirements, but there is still an energy coming from brands who haven’t been able to travel and contribute to the global growth of their companies in so long!

How are people keeping safety in mind when traveling from Italy to the US?
Italians have been extremely disciplined when it comes to precautions as our country was one of the hardest hit early on. After waiting so long to travel to the States, our brand partners are taking every safety precaution to ensure that they can get back to business.

What’s the uptake like this year?
Last season, the Italian Trade Agency sponsored 50 brands. This season the number has increased to 70, so we’re very excited about that!

Have brands changed how they approach their collections?
For many of the brands, COVID really accelerated how they embrace more seasonless collections, as they’ve been forced to move away from the more traditional separate Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter offerings.

In what other ways has the Italian mentality towards fashion changed?
I think the uncertainty from the pandemic pushed Italian designers to think more broadly about their collections to include items that have a longer lifespan and greater versatility.

In what ways is ITA supporting Italian brands?
The Italian Trade Agency is committed to facilitating in-person opportunities that give Italian designers and brand owners a chance to share their work with US retail buyers. And to do this most effectively, we take great care to gather digital assets and assist in promoting our Italian brands digitally through marketing partnerships, displays, press outreach, content creation, newsletters, and via social media. All of these channels work together and are necessary to get the attention of the best American retailers.


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What was growth like last year?
As of our most recent reports from September 2021, Italian exports in the fashion and beauty sectors to the USA were up more than 68% from 2020 and were on track to exceed even 2019. That’s an incredible turnaround and cause for much celebration. Clothing is up +33.4%, shoes are up 67.6%, and leather goods are up +78.6%!

What other positives have come out of the last two years?
We have a feeling of empowerment and resolve. Our brands have learned to navigate and work with new safety measures and they’ve learned how to mitigate logistics issues. These are Italian brands who produce their products in Italy using Italian materials. So they’re already set to be able to handle supply chain issues in a much more prepared way. Each brand has overcome so many obstacles and they’re more ready than ever to expand their businesses globally—especially to do business with American retailers.

Sustainability is always an important focus for the Italian fashion industry too!
There’s a change being heard around the world—shoppers want to buy fewer products, but quality products that will last a very long time. They want to support brands that are handmade, artisanal, family-owned, or produced ethically: storied brands with a soul and a conscience. Every one of our Made In Italy brands deliver on that promise.


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What other industry trends or shifts are you noticing right now?
There’s a need for a more utilitarian wardrobe: one that prioritizes comfort while enabling the wearer to do a lot of different things at once. We see a lot of knitwear brands flourishing, like those that offer tissue-like cashmere separates that are luxurious and don’t look like you’re wearing your pajamas all day, even if you are still working from home! We’re also seeing a lot more streetwear offerings, and ready to wear and accessories designed for a more urban lifestyle coming into the mix.

Now, let’s meet the brands! 

Here are the 70 Made in Italy labels ready to show at COTERIE’s trade show, scheduled to return to in-person format in NYC from February 27 – March 1.

ADG Artigiano del Guanto

Ten decades in the making, Artigiano del Guanto is the Neapolitan leather workshop specializing in traditional, timeless, and audaciously simple gloves. Crafted by hand and sourced only from the finest of materials—from a South American carpincho to a Peruvian peccary—each bespoke leather “piece of art” enjoys a thorough vetting process before finding its way onto your hands and into your wardrobe. [Agent name: Francesco Ricciardiello; Booth number: 6038]


Rain, rain, come this way! It all started when founder Ernesta Pasotti took to her bicycle, pedaled the streets of Mantova and sold her one-of-a-kind umbrellas. Now, over 65 years later, Pasotti is still turning heads with its unparalleled selection—oh, and a little help from enameled brass handles, Swarovski crystals, and luxurious silks! [Agent name: Nicola Begotti; Booth number: 5742]


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Beba Gioielli

Handcrafted in Florence and designed to elicit a carefree joy in each wearer, jeweler Beba Gioielli’s genderless gems are made for any and evert occasion. Customers can expect eclectic detailing, three-dimensional silhouettes and a fatto in Italia con amore (“made in Italy with love”) guarantee. Amore! [Agent name: Beatrice Filippini; Booth number: 5934]


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Handmade in Italy and sold in the Hamptons (!) and select tropical islands, jewelry retailer Mela is a beach vibe and a half! With pearls, shells, and gems on deck, each design evokes a laid-back, sabbatical-ready state of mind with ease. Buon viaggio! [Agent name: Manuela Girone; Booth number: 5927]


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Bruno Carlo

At Bruno Carlo, accessories have always been a family affair. Posting a refined assortment of knitwear, gloves and hats for lei and lui, the family-run couturier operates where elegance meets classicism meets international appeal. Leather, cashmere, wool—mamma mia! [Agent name: Federica Bruno; Booth number: 6930]


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Frey Como

Giving the gift of silk since 1899 (!!), Frey Como has been dominating the scarf business for over a hundred years. How, you ask? Never confusing top-level Italian silks for their imported counterparts. Oh, and a long line of generations who believe in a quality Made-in-Italy piece—from producer to consumer and beyond. The Italian guarantee! [Agent name: Orsenigo Sara; Booth number: 5941]


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Alta Moda Belt

Translator please! This “high fashion” made-in-Italy belt label is the real deal—and has been for over 50 years. Enlisting expert hands, tasteful creativity, and, of course, an Italian state of mind, each of Alta Moda Belt‘s handcrafted pieces is manufactured with advanced production techniques and super fast prototyping. The result? A versatile, high-performing, and totally irresistible companion for your hips! [Agent name: Stefania Pellcioli; Booth number: 6140]


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There’s no question this sustainably-sourced, artisanal bag label checks all the right boxes, but what’s the point in simply doing what’s expected? Touting a bold and divergent personality, Arcadia’s unconventional aesthetic explores beyond the bounds of fashion and into the spheres of music, art, and international culture. From oversized hobo bags to structured bucket bags, architectural shapes to asymmetric lines, each made-for-always silhouette is an investment worth making. [Agent name: Pasquale Tondi; Booth number: 5939]

Le Sandrine

Conceptualized by founder Sandro Campobasso, Le Sandrine transforms out-of-commission art and furniture fabrics into sophisticated, bold, and personalizable carryalls. Up for grabs is a wide selection of avant-garde bags enlisting bright colors, funky patterns, and Made in Italy labels. [Agent name: Marcella D’Amato; Booth number: 5735]


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De Couture

Designing bespoke statement handbags since its inception, ITA accessories label De Couture cites its unlimited creativity and full disposal service to ensure your accessories are 100% you, from fabric to hardware. While every carryall boasts a one-of-a-kind look, each nods to the brand’s creative expertise. An Aperol spritz and made-to-order handbag coming right up! [Agent name: Massimo Mariotti; Booth number: 5740]


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Lara Bellini

Milanese women’s accessories label Lara Bellini lives up to its city’s stylish standards with ease—namely, with its clean sophistication and geometric designs. Inspired by modern architecture and feminine appeal, each bag is designed to make every woman feel like she owns a little piece of modern Italian luxury. Che femme! [Agent name: Verena Mancastroppa; Booth number: 5947]


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Anita Bilardi

With strong ethics and a devotion to women at its core, Anita Bilardi promises a bag assortment that shouts beauty with simplicity. Its irresistible carryall styles aside, Anita Bilardi focuses its resources on employing, empowering, and supporting women. Sleek, ethical, and female-forward? Say no more. [Agent name: Erik Tippmann; Booth number: 5912]


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For Iuri creative director Jure Stropnik, designing a bag is all about shape and form, which is why each of the label’s tasteful totes flaunts precision, functionality and a pop-culture aesthetic. Designed in Milan and handcrafted in central Italy, Iuri pieces are staples season after season, top handle after cross body strap. [Agent name: Jure Stropnik; Booth number: 6042]


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Comme Des Garcons collaborator and sustainable bag label Alienina prides itself on singularity—that is, its collection of hand-made, rope-stitched totes wherein no two are the same. To impress further, each tag boasts a humane, second-life, 100% Made in Italy promise. [Agent name: Eliana Venier; Booth number: 5909]


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Andrea Cardone

Stylish, practical, and ready to shop, Andrea Cardone’s metropolitan accessories offering is hard to pass up. From oversized hobo totes and backpacks to compact clutches and leather motorcycle helmets, AC pieces are sure to elevate any outfit (and Vespa ride!) to the next level. [Agent name: Andrea Cardone; Booth number: 5743]


Rooted in Tuscan tradition since 1954, now-international bag couturier Braccialini has always been fun and flirty—and its assortment of motif-adorned, urban-inspired accessories are sumptuous proof. We’ll take one of each! [Agent name: Eleonora Gori; Booth number: 5932]

Cuoieria Fiorentina 

Despite being a favorite across the world, Florence-based baggage label Cuoieria Fiorentina holds fast to Italian tradition, culture, and quality. The outcome is a sleek, fashion-forward offering of baggage you actually want—from departure to destination. [Agent name: Roberti Marinelli; Booth number: 5827]

Roberto Pancani

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Florentine bag retailer Roberto Pancani has a unique aesthetic—and we can’t get enough of it. It’s mono-product offering of straw bags and totes screams perfection with every weave. From lightweight raffia to intrecciato leather, leave it to RP to make the ultimate carryall. [Agent name: Roberto Pancani; Booth number: 5940]


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If there’s any brand that keeps the “Made in Italy” mantra top of mind—from conception to production—it’s Bonfanti, the go-to label for bags with history (circa 1945!) and character. Whether you’re headed into the office or preparing for a weekend getaway, a Bonfanti leather will never steer you wrong. [Agent name: Anna Bonfanti; Booth number: 5943]


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Plinio Visonà

Bag couturier Plinio Visonà knows a woman’s bag is far more than a mere accessory, and they design each as such. Whether carried under the arm, over the shoulder, or held by hand, each patent-registered, saddle-stitched masterpiece welcomes whatever may come the wearer’s way. [Agent name: Visonà Mara; Booth number: 6006]

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This Italian brand is a force to be reckoned with—namely, with its humble yet statement-making disposition. Located somewhere in the middle of decorated and unassuming, edgy and refined, MeiMeiJ dishes out grade A styles season after season. Just think: protagonist ruffles, puffed sleeves, and modest detailing in just the right places. [Agent name: Marialuna Casoli; Booth number: 6403]


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Queen Moda 

Born on the rocky coast of Positano, Queen Moda’s offering has always been reminiscent of its sun-kissed, corner-of-paradise beginnings. Meticulously stitched and indicative of a day spent on the water, QM’s luxury beachwear selection might as well be a plane ticket to paradise. [Agent name: Maria Gentile; Booth number: 7501]


Operating out of the same Brescian countryside camiceria at which its first shirt was sewn in 1979, high-end ready to wear label Caliban is evidently an enthusiast for clean design and undeniably Italian excellence. Sartorial allure aside, the label’s history is sure to tug heart strings. What’s not to love! [Agent name: Michela Petrali; Booth number: 6524]


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Giovanna Nicolai

Designed for women who are unapologetically themselves, Giovanna Nicolai needs no introduction—and it’s simple to see why. Its high fashion repertoire of made-to-last pieces favor bold silhouettes, tastefully loud prints, main-character fabrics, and a city-meets-Hamptons state of mind. Where do we sign! [Agent name: Daniele Macellari; Booth number: 7909]


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ETiCi’s brand ethos is simple: cool, calm and collected. Operating out of the Carpi district for over 25 years, the womenswear label aims to impress its diverse customer base while maintaining its low environmental impact. And it does—namely, with clean lines, combinable pieces and sleek modernity. Come italiano! [Agent name: Andrea Vignoli; Booth number: 6543]


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Poggianti 1958

Made in Italy since 1958, shirt outfitter Poggianti has always been known for its selection of tastefully bold camicie. Its racks, adorned with colorful patterns and luxurious fabrics (think: velvet, silk, cotton, and more!), continue to set a precedent for what a men’s shirt should look and feel like 60-plus years later. [Agent name: Fabio Bartoli; Booth number: 6426]


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De Santis by Martin Alvarez

Sleek, fashion-forward garb that will make you do a double-take is kind of what De Santis does best. Founded in 1961, the luxury label has grown synonymous with avant-garde style, unfaltering tradition and elegant couture for men and women alike. Always reinventing, always tailor-made, always De Santis! [Agent name: Carmine De Santis; Booth number: 6415]

Alberto Audenino 

For namesake designer Alberto Audenino, the future of fashion is all about sustainable practice and female celebration. What once began with crafting collections from recycled materials has since turned into an internationally-recognized label of seductive, pedestal-worthy, curve-honoring pieces ready for celebration. [Agent name: Alberto Audenino; Booth number: 7737]


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Hubert Gasser 

Clean linens, soft palettes, tailored pleats, soft knits, and breezy silhouettes are Hubert Gasser’s bread and butter. Rooted in design simplicity and effortless elegance, each seasonal collection is a sweet reminder of unhurried, uncomplicated and unpretentious bliss. Save our wallets! [Agent name: Jennifer Gasser; Booth number: 6433]


The Femì mission has remained unchanged since 1969: cult-favorite pantaloni e gonne for women who refuse to sacrifice practicality for poise. Whether you tend to opt for fitted denim or a wide-leg gaucho, Femì will exceed any and all trouser expectations. [Agent name: Francesco Gironacci; Booth number: 6542]


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Thierry Rabotin

At Thierry Rabotin, it’s all about striking the perfect balance between form, fit, and function—that is, while never compromising on style. Flaunting a 100% Made in Italy stamp on every shoe, the outfitter boasts a color-rich selection of everyday companions made for the sensibly stylish woman. How do you say “add to cart”?! [Agent name: Emanuela Babini; Booth number: 6311]


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Jo Ghost

‘Bold soles made for bold souls’ might as well be the mantra of 1970s-era shoe label Jo Ghost. Though its beginnings indicate a men’s-only repertoire, the label has since expanded into the world of women’s shoes—all of which challenge conventionality by way of eccentric taste and unrivaled quality. BRB, adding to cart! [Agent name: Emiliano Beccarini; Booth number: 6315]


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Laura Bellariva

Laura Bellariva’s stocked women’s shoe inventory is just as perfect IRL as it is on paper. With sustainable manufacturing and comfortable practicality at its core, any Laura Bellariva pair seamlessly integrates exclusive heritage and innovative design, resulting in made-to-last boots, loafers, sneaks and more! Hurry, grab your purse! [Agent name: Francesco Schiavoni; Booth number: 6312]


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New Italia Shoes 

Designed in Montebelluna and sold worldwide, New Italia Shoes has cold weather footwear down to a T. Backed by decades of customer loyalty, the women’s shoe label designs snow-ready boots durable enough for the alps and elegant enough for a night out. Boots designed in the boot? Sign us up! [Agent name: Daniela Dalla Torre; Booth number: 6208]

Donna Carolina 

Purposefully designed for any and every occasion, Donna Carolina has whatever you’re in the market for—guaranteed! From patent leather boots to wool-lined platform sneaks, each pair evidently has both current trends and Italian craftsmanship on the brain. [Agent name: Valentina Vanin; Booth number: 6313]


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Thirty years in the making, Ducanero shoes are crafted entirely in the footwear district of Monte San Giusto. Each shoe enlists only the finest of artisans and meticulous attention to detail from design to production. And it still does—especially with the founding family still in the driver’s seat. [Agent name: Marco Camerlengo; Booth number: 6310]


Lemargo is the quintessential Italian, family-run shoemaker flaunting the highest of quality and leather-est of leathers! Designing from the bottom-up—that is, your feet—each Lemargo pair nods to creativity, workmanship and, of course, Made in Italy precision. [Agent name: Caterina Leombruni; Booth number: 6314]


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Hebrew for “dream,” Italian shoe couturier Mychalom strives to deliver kicks that encourage wearers to take the first steps on the path of their own dreams. Where it may lack in age, Mychalom makes up for it with top-drawer leather, elevated design and unimaginable comfort. [Agent name: Elisa Castellari; Booth number: 6209]


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Voile Blanche

In the market for a new pair of city stompers? You’re in luck! A quick glance at any label-tatted Voile Blanche duo will prove its longstanding ethos: a timeless attitude blended with urban design for men and women alike. You know what they say—a sneaker a day! [Agent name: Scocco Ombretta; Booth number: 6204]


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Pas De Rouge

Rooted in Venice and developed by a long line of Venetian maestros, Pas De Rouge designs for the woman who is unapologetically herself. History aside, the footwear label boasts an impressive offering of everyday wares under its sole—from platform loafers to elegant ballerinas! [Agent name: Stefano Zampieri; Booth number: 6214]


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With raw materials, timeless class, and generations of made-in-Italy elegance as its bread and butter, Whyci is a go-to label for more reasons than one. Untreated wool, silk and cashmere blends decorated with seasonal prints and embroideries? You had us at Ciao! [Agent name: Elena Ghisolfi; Booth number: 6529]


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She’s So

Feminine knitwear has always been part of She’s So founder Nicola Nicolini’s DNA. Now, fifty-plus years after the label’s inception, customers are still flocking to its racks for his stand-out attention to detail and unconventional approach to modern elegance. Bellissima! [Agent name: Federica; Booth number: 6626]


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Nestled deep in Tuscany’s vineyard-adorned countryside, Melarosa touts a refreshing focus on sustainable luxury and intimate buyer-seller dynamics. Its alta moda knitwear enlists cordon bleu silk, cashmere, cotton, and silk, and puffs bespoke (numbered and signed!) hand-painted designs. [Agent name: Antonella Gennari; Booth number: 6424]


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Rocco Ragni

Tucked away in the foothills of Mount Tezio, Perugia label Rocco Ragni has grown synonymous with artisanal knitwear and precious cashmere. Each design pulls inspiration from its namesake founder’s interest in traditional spinning techniques and the beauty of Umbrian terrain. Amore with every stitch! [Agent name: Stefano Moreschi; Booth number: 6842]


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Knitwear specialist Kangra is one that keeps perfection top of mind—from the selection of raw materials to distribution, and every moment in between. Made with only the most pure yarns, from heavy cable knits to light cardigans, each Kangra knit is a definite “si!” from us. [Agent name: Lidia Nasi; Booth number: 6413]


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Tricot Chic

Delivering irresistible staple picks since 1972, Tricot Chic has been pioneering the world of wardrobe-worthy knitwear since its inception 50 years ago. Its seasonal offerings tout split-sleeve capes, wool-fringed cardigans and swoon–worthy RTW—made in Italy, from start to finish. Bellissima! [Agent name: Flavio Nava; Booth number: 6819]


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Of Handmade

With an offering indicative of its name, cult-favorite knitwear brand Of Handmade celebrates both traditional practice and contemporary design in every piece. Its paradoxical design approach combined with its sustainable “no planet B” ethos leaves Of Handmade a front-runner season after season. [Agent name: Simona Guaini; Booth number: 7827]


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How do you say “cashmere”?! Paying constant attention to detail and rising trends, yet reinstating its loyalty to timeless style is, perhaps, what Adesi does best. That, or its impressive selection of button-down knits, turtlenecks, cardigans and zipped sweaters. Mamma mia! [Agent name: Adelfo Sisto; Booth number: 6434]


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BASE Milano

Simplicity is bliss, and no one knows it better than BASE. Showing off an assortment of knitwear and luxury sportswear, the Milanese label focuses heavily on clean lines, an urban spirit and universal aesthetic appeal. Knitwear per tutti! [Agent name: Chieccio Mario; Booth number: 6410]


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Dating back to its founding in 1934, Italian label Fedeli has evidently found its sweet spot: wherever quality and tradition meet passion and creativity. Made exclusively in the boot for over 85 years, Fedeli’s sumptuous cashmeres and wool blends ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail, no matter the simplicity of the garment. [Agent name: Beatrice Canzian; Booth number: 6525]


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Lorena Benatti

The face of femininity since 1956, Lorena Benatti is the ITA label specializing in know-how knitwear and femme perfection! From two-toned palettes and asymmetrical cuts, sporty sets to professional tailoring, Lorena Benatti will fulfill all your knitted needs! [Agent name: Francesca Corradini; Booth number 6631]


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With sophisticated comfortable classics, family values, and 60+ years under its swank belt, knitwear scientist Musetti constantly holds a high rank. From capes to cardigans and everything in between, Musetti is simply a go-to for wool and cashmere staples. [Agent name: Fabio Pietrella; Booth number 6530]


Purotatto is the ready to wear label that draws customers with its 100% cashmere knitwear promise, and keeps them flocking back with irresistible Mediterranean-inspired garb. Whether you’re in the market for pleated trousers, breezy linens, or a classic cashmere staple, a Purotatto investment can do no wrong. [Agent name: Jacopo Foti; Booth number: 6406]


Translation for cashmere, please! Flaunting a hard-to-come-by design ethos of minimalist opulence, Ta.Sk. delivers chic womenswear through and through—sweaters, loungewear, outerwear and more. Cashmere sweat sets? You had us at ciao! [Agent name: Giovanni Vasta; Booth number: 6520]


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Sitting pretty at the top of the market, Landi’s outerwear line offers a unique inventory of waterproof pea coats, down jackets, and uniquely crafted fur overcoats that, time and again, lure a classic sartorial gaze. Aesthetics aside, Landi prioritizes eco-sustainability, and does so with regenerated fabric fibers that nod to Tuscan textile practices. Che Bella! [Agent name: Simone Landi; Booth number: 6630]


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Perched in the midst of Italy’s most-visited leather mecca, Suprema’s Venetian coordinates are only an introduction to its leather goods and shearling excellence. Between its camel coats stitched in double-faced cashmere, sheepskin parkas, and mink, sable, and chinchilla finishes, Suprema truly lives up to its English-translated name with ease. [Agent name: Luigi Zavan; Booth number: 6625]


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Di Bello by Fontani

Founded on the principle of artisan excellence and typified in the Tuscan countryside, Di Bello by Fontani makes a convincing case for Florentine outerwear, as well as leather and sheepskin tailoring. Since the 1990s, the label has been characterized by Italian craftsmanship, stylistic research, originality, and a 100% Made in Italy stamp. [Agent name: Alice Palazzolo; Booth number: 6548]


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Stitched by hand and designed for the distinguished woman, Artico’s winter-braving selection offers luxurious, chic, and especially practical outerwear ready for the slopes and the après-ski cocktails that follow. Think: a two-toned, leather-wool blend coat, and a sporty fur-nylon vest. Now that’s amore! [Agent name: Umberto Roncarati; Booth number: 6832]


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Since its inception in 2011, outerwear and accessories brand Chiarulli has strived for excellence—namely, with strict adherence to Italian tailoring standards, unfaltering quality, and sensible taste. Ten+ years later, the label continues to set precedents for how Italian fashion should feel, look, and be. [Agent name: Valerio Vizziello; Booth number: 6743]


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Founded in 1990, Lenoci was conceptualized with the goal of producing “haute de gamme,” or high range outerwear—and it did just that. Their key to success? Care in choice of raw materials, fine fabrics, and attention to detail. Having already climbed to Italy’s top, Lenoci now enjoys an international presence—in 30 countries, to be exact! [Agent name: Giandomenico Lenoci; Booth number: 6509]

(Courtesy Lenoci)

Seventy Venezia

A go-to for men and women alike, Venice-based Seventy Venezia combines the likes of art, architecture and cinema into every design. The result? Modern, sexy, all-Italian sartorial bliss. To make the brand even more of a best seller (as if!), its user-friendly site offers curated lookbooks for whichever occasion you’re shopping. [Agent name: Marco Tiburzi; Booth number: 6402]


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VLT’s by Valentina’s

Proving itself to be a leading force in the women’s shirt and blouse sector, VLT’s focuses on keeping its stock in line with trends, while never compromising on timeless dependability. With locations dotted across Italy’s Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Toscana, and Abruzzo regions, VLT’s research-backed design excellence is hardly even a hop, skip, and a Vespa away! [Agent name: Annamaria Parenti; Booth number: 6628]


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Since its humble Castellana Grotte beginnings in 1960, Mazzarelli has practiced—and seemingly perfected—its tailoring excellence and sartorial charm. Every design enlists generations-long discipline and select quality fabrics, resulting in none other than cuff-to-sleeve bliss. [Agent name: Giacomo Taruschio; Booth number: 6532]


Designed to attract customers with a youthful, dynamic, and shamelessly romantic frame of mind, MOU offers both casual and sophisticated womenswear sets—dresses, skirts, and accessories are headlining. Muted palettes, clean design, and made-to-last materials make MOU a foolproof choice season after season. [Agent name: Marika; Booth number: 6841]


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Francesca Geraci

A quick look at any Francesca Geraci piece will reveal exquisite attention to detail, sinuous lines, and a deep-rooted love of elegance. Namesake founder and designer Geraci draws eyes to less-pronounced pant leg flares and subtle silk tie-necks, leaving every woman’s wardrobe better than it was found. [Agent name: Francesca Geraci; Booth number: 6831]

True Royal

Born at the hands of couture vets Gennaro Esposito and Fabrizio Berzeri, Milanese label True Royal delivers trendy, yet timelessly tailored ready to wear, though its classic trouser-focused roots are where it’s always shone the brightest. A total-look appeal! [Agent name: Serena Tovaglieri; Booth number: 6625]


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Parma-based Goodmatch has been designing with the modern working woman top of mind for over half a century. Stitched with high-performing, eco-sustainable fabrics and tailored Italian excellence, any Goodmatch ware is the perfect candidate for on-the-go errands and grabbing un aperitivo alike. A good match indeed! [Agent name: Vincenzo Bocchi; Booth number: 6534]


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Anna Maria Paletti

Sitting pretty at the crossroads of simplicity and elegance is the studio of Anna Maria Paletti, where dainty prints, clean lines, and effortlessly feminine ready to wear find their home. Statement pleats, quiet ruffles, jewels, oh my! [Agent name: Titolare Rappresentante; Booth number: 6411]


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Venice-founded label Gaiofatto is much more than what meets the eye—AKA elegantly bold womenswear. Namesake founder Michela Gaiofatto aims to deliver fashion that not only empowers women, but does so with a femme aesthetic and eco-conscious manufacturing. Fashion, female, environment! [Agent name: Michela; Booth number: 6414]


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Going on holiday anytime soon? You’re in luck! Arenzano-based Ploumanac’h isn’t one to clack, especially when it comes to resortwear. Just think: hand-painted cashmere sweaters, washed-out linens and wares to stock up your “workation” wardrobe. Zoom calls from the beach, anyone?! [Agent name: Filippo Decotto; Booth number: 6625]


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