Entrepreneur Max Zaharenkov Helps Millenials And Get Zs Leap Into The Digital World (PM)

by Thomas Herd

The 30-year-old is making it big on social media and wants to help others do the same. 

The road to happiness and fulfillment is individual. It can’t be standardized or determined by outside forces. The formulas from the past for a good life have become outdated. Thanks in great part to technology, we have access to more resources than ever. You no longer have to choose from a limited number of career paths; you can design your own. We live in a golden era of information. Thanks to the internet, freedom of expression has never been so widespread. There are over 6.6 Billion smartphones at hand with access to platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, each exceeding 1 Billion users. The reach of these channels opens up endless opportunities to share our ideas. We all have a unique story to tell and there’s always someone out there who wants to listen to it.

Serial entrepreneur Max Zaharenkov is a prime example of how you can escape the 9-to-5 norm, do what you’re passionate about, and make a living out of it. A natural-born storyteller, Max knows the secrets of compelling content and its distribution and is on a mission to teach people how to apply them to their projects.  Born in Riga, Latvia, to a Russian family, Max discovered his passion for filmmaking when he turned 10, and his parents gave him a video camera. He has been experimenting and fine-tuning his skills for the craft ever since. Max moved to the UK at age 18 to study International Marketing, but he never turned away from his art. He got involved in multiple film projects in London until he decided to do his own thing. Coupling his marketing and cinematography knowledge, he began making videos for Vine. These videos were full of wit and insight, and they earned him an audience. After the platform went under, he pivoted to other online sources like YouTube.

Max’s big break came years later, at the end of 2017, after posting his first video in an app called Musical.ly (which later changed its name to TikTok). He’s now amassed over 300K followers on the platform.  All this comes to say that Max knows what he’s doing regarding social media. This expertise led him to start Zahare Media. The award-winning digital marketing agency has worked with some of the top brands and celebrities, advising them on how to improve their online strategies and content quality. Max’s vision with this company is to build a bridge between the offline and online worlds. He wants to inspire Millennials and GenZs to believe. In themselves and follow their true calling.  “Nothing is impossible in this world. You’re supposed to be a dreamer and work hard towards your goals. You need to go out and fail and learn about failure as much as you learn about success. Everyone talks about their successes but few talk about their failures. You shouldn’t settle for being normal. You need to do what you’re passionate about and be consistent. It doesn’t matter how much you have but how you set your priorities. It’s all about setting priorities. Stay focused no matter what you’re after. Keep moving.” Asserts Max.  As part of his goal of motivating young people, Max is soon to release a podcast about traveling and the business of digital marketing. In it, he will have conversations with some of the industry leaders about their journey to success. He’s also working on a Tik Tok course in which he will reveal some of his best hacks and strategies to grow in the app. Further in the future, he’s planning on opening a talent agency to continue his pursuit of empowering creators.  If you’re ready to step out of normality and turn your ideas into digital products, contact Max via his website, Instagram,  or TikTok accounts.

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