Instagram Tests Tapping to Replace Scrolling Through Posts

by Charles Manning

A big change could be making its way to Instagram soon. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that they are currently testing tap-to-advance in Explore as a replacement for scrolling. “We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love,” said an Instagram spokesperson in a statement.

Tap-to-advance is already used in Instagram Stories. It eliminates the need for large thumb strokes and ensures that media will always be seen full-screen. While thumb strokes aren’t exactly taxing, tapping certainly would be easier, especially, as TechCrunch points out, for people with mobility issues like senior citizens suffering from arthritis. For the rest of us, though, it will just make it that much easier to slip into our daily Instagram comas.

Instagram’s spokesperson told TechCrunch that the company is not actively thinking about replacing scrolling in the main feed at this time, but if it works in Explore, who knows?

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