Inside Karlie Kloss’ Kitchen

by Eddie Roche



The folks over at The Coveteteur headed to Karlie Kloss‘s West Village flat for a tour of her digs and a look inside of her cupboard, and shared the full spread on Refinery 29. So, what does America’s Sweetheart have stocked up? Kookies! Loads and loads of her very own Karlie’s Cookies. “My biggest indulgence is…] “My gram’s butter-and-sugar, normal chocolate-chip cookies,” she tells them. “We would always bake them together and the smell of these cookies baking in the oven is indescribably delicious. They’re full of amazing memories and definitely my favorite indulgence. [My most frequently used emoji is…] the cookie! It makes my Karlie’s Kookies tweets and posts more fun.” She’s also stocked up on Muscle Milk Light, Luna Bars, baking soda, Smart Water, sparkling water, yogurt, and…high heels. KK also reveals she’s taken up a new hobby: “I’m taking piano lessons,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument so finally I decided to actually do something about it and signed up!” Sweet. Over the weekend she also shared pictures on Instagram with Karissa, who got set up with her very own photoshoot with the mod through the Make A Wish Foundation. “Karissa truly glowed on the set of her photo shoot,” Kloss posted. “I am humbled I had the chance to work with such a supermodel ❤️ I am So grateful to be able to #MakeAWish come true.” #awesome


Karlie Kloss

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