Inside House Of X—The New Manhattan ‘Alter Ego’ To House Of Yes

by Freya Drohan

What the world needs now is love sweet love  epic nightlife! And House of X is here to dish up the debauchery and fantasy you’ve been missing for the last 18 months. The concept, from legendary Brooklyn-based House of Yes, is the first Manhattan outpost for the creators of the party that irrevocably shook up the New York after dark scene way back when.

House of X at PUBLIC on the Lower East Side will officially open its doors this weekend, promising a “sanctuary for those who are dedicated to the dance floor.” Revelers can expect a heady mix of performance art, rotating world-class DJs, expressive fashion, inclusivity, dance, and well, plenty of surprises too.

Celebrating its soft opening last weekend, guests got a taste of what was to come—an inventive cocktail menu from esteemed mixologist brothers Mcson and Orson Salicetti, a mélange of captivating aerial and stage performers, and appearances in the crowd from nightlife legends happy to soak it all up themselves.

The design of the opulent red-tinted and velvet-filled space is an ode to the original House of Yes and its founders, with local artists being invited to contribute their work: the intricate stairwell and display case installation is by artists Kat Ryals and Olivia Taylor, while transportive wall pieces by painters Anthony Padilla and Tom Prinsell and photos by Anna Cone are seen throughout the two-level space. Notable performers Andrea Murillo and Kyle Driggs of 3AM Theater (Cirque Du Soleil and Sleep No More regulars) have also been enlisted to collaborate.

Already planning your trip? Rest assured that there are options for semi-private and private gatherings and events too. As for bottle service, it’s as far from a cringe club experience as you can imagine. Sparklers and whistles? Not on House of X’s watch. Instead, bottle service is centered on a surprise performance and activation with unique and personalized interactions. House of X goes so far as to call it a “demonstration of patronage to the arts,” granting the artist the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity. Call us the modern-day Medicis!

Of the new alter-ego to House of Yes, co-founder Anya Sapozhnikova called it a “natural progression” from where the original concept and founders, who kicked things off in East Williamsburg in 2008, have arrived. “The level of production and the types of programming, and the complexity of the messaging mirrors the level of maturity we’ve established as producers and creators. This venue represents another facet of our personality, wants, and desires, where we can lean into conceptual art, continue to cultivate culture and community, and put unique performers center stage in a beautiful space.”

House of X will open officially on November 19 and 20 and be open on Friday and Saturday nights from 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM. Plans to expand hours to include Thursdays and special Sunday programming catering to the hospitality and entertainment industry will follow.

….See you there?

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