HSNi Celebrates The Holidays In July

by The Daily Front Row

Last night, Christmas arrived a tad bit early, thanks to HSN’s lavish shindig at the Academy Mansion. If the colorful entrance display wasn’t enticing enough, the beautiful array of gifts scattered throughout the venue provided the ‘wow’ factor, tenfold.  According to event curator Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, the event’s shoppable array was “like chocolate; addictive and yummy!!” The event featured over 600 products for women and men, which ranged from a $29 stocking-stuffer to a ready-to-roll $15,000 pool table made out of a car. Classy ride much? The crowd included Waris Ahluwalia, Colin Cowie, Trish McEvoy, InStyle‘s Hal Rubenstein, O‘s Adam Glassman, Lottie Oakley,  HSN VP of communications Gigi Ganatra Duff, and HSN’s CEO and director Mindy Grossman. Champagne and cocktails were sipped as guests took in the festive decorations and glam goodies. “The event shows that the power of each brand is great, but that the collective consortium is that much more powerful,” said Grossman. The same holds true for Christmas in December: each present is swell, but nothing beats a present overload! What could be better than shopping it out in what Lorenzotti aptly titled “the best jewelry box in the world.” Indeed! 

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