Hood By Air Spring 2015

by Dena Silver

Around 40 minutes after the scheduled showtime, the Hood By Air choir took to their microphones, and the spectacle began. But before we get to the clothes, half the fun of Shayne Oliver‘s fashion week event is his audience. A vast majority were decked out in T-shirts and pants, stamped with the HBA initials and solidified in their could-care-less attitude. And that was more or less what took place on the runway for Spring 2015. A diverse cast of mods (one even hobbled down the catwalk on a  pair of crutches) were decked out in lots of denim. There were heavily shredded options, sequined skinny pants, and even an acid-wash version. Some paired their denim with intricately layered white button downs, while some boys just went sans shirts completely. On the accessory front, a spotted Great Dane took the cake. But elsewhere, bags fashioned out of pipes and finished off with trailing fringe were equally as eyebrow-raising. The strangest statement of the day might’ve been the plexiglass choker necklaces, which also doubled as handcuffs in some instances. Expect HBA devotees to take these necklaces to the streets…

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