How to Save Your Kids From the “Summer Slide”

by The Daily Front Row

Are your enfants wiling away their summer days in front of the telly, and all sorts of meaningless pursuits? Il faut arrêter! Caitlin Meister, founder of The Greer Meister group, to the rescue. Meister and her trove of top-notch tutors will ensure that your littles do not suffer the “summer slide.” “You don’t have to be in a classroom to learn,” says Meister. “Summer provides an opportunity for learning experiences that we’re too busy for during the school year. There are wonderful ways for parents to keep their children engaged over summer; the key is doing it. It’s a long time to be out of school. We can help make those 10 weeks feel exciting rather than daunting.” Greer Meister tutors are experts in their fields of study, and they help students with a variety of skills, including executive functioning, organization, and time management—in addition to solidifying and building upon their academic skills. Get more info at!

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