Garrett Swann’s Secret to Getting Celebrities Into Bed

by Alex Dickerson

Silver fox and fashion favorite Garrett Swann premiered Season 4 of his much-adored UNDERCOVERS IGTV series last night, so we took the chance to slip between the sheets with him and dish about the show, his thoughts on influencer life, and more.

What inspired you to create the brilliant UNDERCOVERS series?
I had this idea 12 years ago called “Bed Lounge” interviewing celebrities in bed, to get to know the real celeb.  This was after my TV series Fashion House with Bo Derek, Taylor Kinney, and Morgan Fairchild premiered in 2006.  I couldn’t get a f*cking job, so I wanted to create a show. Fast track to a year and a half ago, one of my best friends Julia Caston called me and said “Sweetie, you need to do that bed series online.” And I got out my iPhone and started interviewing my friends who I found fascinating and doing cool sh*t!


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Who would you most like to get UNDERCOVERS with?
The Queen of England. Obsessed with Elizabeth II.

Who has been your favorite interview so far and why?  Name names, we can’t ALL be your favorites…
Besides you Alex Dickerson (not kissing ass here), I loved interviewing UK recording artist Lucy Spraggan. Her raw British humor got to me! We’ve become great friends on account of this interview.

Where do you see UNDERCOVERS going? Will this be on TV someday?
I know I’m not Barbara Walters, but I’d love this show to be a short form series on Netflix, Amazon, or team up with a fabulous online publication like The Daily (hint hint) as a digital interview series.

Garrett Swann (Courtesy)

But wait, back up…you’ve lived a few lives already and had some fascinating jobs (Bo Derek??) – tell us about your resume highlights and how you got here.
When I was a production assistant (the most exhausting job I had), I used my creativity and worked in the art department as a Set Decorator/Art Director for many TV series, game shows and talk shows. When I over-exhausted myself wanting to quit “the industry” I got suckered back as a series regular on Fashion House. It was super exciting to be on a national TV series that went global. I guess there has always been a desire to be on camera, so why not use the personality I have and be my own little show. My comeback? Who knows. I am loving where this is going…

What do you find craziest about the influencer industry?
The craziest thing about the industry is that influencers have become the “new” celebrities.  It seems EVERYONE wants to influence. #dontquityourdayjob

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering breaking into the influencer space?
Find your niche, be authentic, and do you really have the experience to influence?

Who do you regularly IG stalk and why?
The Suited Racer. He’s so smart! And a 21st century icon. Isn’t he like what every man wants to be, dream, desire? Secretly I wish I was him, assuming it is even a him!

What’s next for you?  Any exciting projects in the works?
Excited to launch our men’s lifestyle apparel brand ALPHX (hopefully Fall 2020) with former CK Underwear/2xist CEO/President Tom Speight.  It’s a brand that starts with storytelling: a holistic view of what it means to be a modern man in the 21st century.

Garrett Swann (Courtesy)

What do you wish I would ask you (here’s your shameless plug opp)?
“Why do you think people should watch UNDERCOVERS, Garrett?” It’s better than porn and cute AF!

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