Front Roe Chatter with Louise Roe

by Sydney Sadick

Fashion journalist, TV host and makeover guru Louise Roe has another title to add to her impressive list of accomplishments: author of Front Roe: How To Be The Leading Lady In Your Own Life. We got the scoop from the fashion darling on her book, plus what she’s looking forward to at Fashion Week. 

What have you been up to lately?
I just wrapped up a show in Asia, so I’ve been living on a remote island in Indonesia all summer. It was beautiful, but in the end I was craving decent coffee and WiFi that works!

Tell us about your book, Front Roe: How To Be The Leading Lady In Your Own Life.
Front Roe
is a culmination of my decade picking up tips in the fashion and beauty industries. Every trick I’ve heard from a makeup artist or hairstylist backstage at Fashion Week, or juicy style advice from a movie star on the red carpet, or a decorating shortcut from an interior designer … I’ve been taking notes for years, and finally put everything into a book! It’s a very practical, and personal, lifestyle guide.

How did you get into the fashion industry in the first place?
I started out as an intern at Elle UK the week after I graduated from university. I loved (and still love) writing, and wanted to be editor in chief of a glossy magazine!

You’re a host on TV quite a bit. What’s up and coming?
I’ll be on the red carpet at the Emmys for Access Hollywood!

What are some of your fall must-haves?
Over the knee boots, a suede fringe skirt, and long bangs, Chrissie Hynde style!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Fashion Week?
The gowns are always magical to see and remind me of why fashion shows are so special. Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, and Jenny Packham are just dreamy.

Most memorable Fashion Week moment?
It has to be an Alexander McQueen men’s show, when he was still alive, in Milan. He closed down the subway at night and had the male models wear contact lenses which took away their iris. The bass was so loud it made the train tracks shake. It was freaky and terrifying and brilliant! He was the master of creating serious drama and art at his shows.

Who is the coolest person you’ve sat next to, front row?
I haven’t sat next to her, but Carine Roitfeld or Grace Coddington are just legendary.

What’s a style lesson women should learn?
Simple is always better. I think the chicest women in the world wear very minimal outfits, with perhaps one eye-catching piece. They always seem to be French!

What are some of your interests that we’d be surprised to learn?
I love to ski, and I love poetry! I also enjoy mimicking people’s accents … I can’t help it.

What’s next for you?
A book tour in Australia! I love Sydney, so I’m very excited.

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