Favorite Karl Memories From Chanel’s Front Row

by Paige Reddinger

30th International Festival Of Fashion & Photography: Day One

Before Karl Lagerfeld’s big Chanel Airlines show today at the Grand Palais, we caught up with some of the chic VIP guests that were seated first class to find out their favorite Karl memories.

“The supermarché was amazing. It was absolutely stunning. It was a real moment with everyone looting the shelves and taking anything that wasn’t glued down. This show will probably be a real moment too. My seat is definitely first class! I’m the first one to sit down. I’ve been posting pictures.” –Amy Astley, editor-in-chief, Teen Vogue

“Each time he surprises me. This will probably be my next Karl Lagerfeld moment, but I do have specific memories. Obviously, I worked for him and working all of those shows was incredible. I remember the amazing cruise collection he did in Venice. Also, what he did in Seoul was incredible. But you know, Karl always does a moment. You know why? Because he’s in the present and he’s looking forward and there’s none of that business of looking back. What’s key about Karl is that he has fun with fashion, always, and he still manages to do commercial clothes. It’s a joy to Karl and he gives that to fashion. It’s pretty impressive. That’s why he remains king of the hill. No one can compare. Someone once said that in fashion you have to be a bit of a porno star and Karl remains…en forme.” –Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, journalist and author

“Oh my god, there have been so many! But what comes to mind immediately is the supermarket scenario. He actually gave me a little Chanel shopping basket, which I am going to treasure forever and ever. I loved last season’s bistro. Karl has taken us to so many incredible places, but he never sacrifices the clothes. I’m in these amazing settings, but I still love the tweeds, the evening dresses, and the way he sort of experiments with fabric. He gives you all around entertainment, really, but he never lets the clothes disappear while doing that.” –Edward Enninful, stylist/fashion and style director, W

“God, I have so many. It’s really weird. I guess my favorite moment is when you manage to be with him alone or with a few people and you can really grasp his mood and his humor and get inside his head. He’s quite magical. He’s so fast with his mind. My favorite moments are when you get to talk to him and listen to his wit. The first time I ever worked with him, I photographed him for Vogue. That was a long time ago. I’ve always thought he was a genius, because he’s managed to stay relevant through the years and I think for all of us the constant question is, how long can we stay relevant? He has been amazing at that.” –Mario Testino, photographer

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