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Which smartwatch out sold the Swiss watch industry?

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Smartwatches are taking over, as the traditional watch industry is learning the hard way. In 2019, Apple “shipped approximately 31 million units” of its watches, outselling the entire Swiss watch industry. This includes big-name brands like TAG Heuer and Swatch.

When will Ralph Lauren hold his Fall 2020 fashion show?

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Ralph Lauren has finally addressed his absence on the NYFW schedule — he will instead hold a show in April. “Developing unique, experiential shows continues to be a primary focus for the brand to engage consumers, maintain a sense of freshness, and add an element of surprise,” the brand said in a statement.

Alex White joins which publication as the new fashion director?

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Effective February 10, Alex White is joining Elle as fashion director — styling covers, editorial shoots, and covering the luxury fashion market. White will report to Elle editor-in-chief Nina Garcia.

Which award show requested that attendees wear sustainable clothing?

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This year, the BAFTA Awards requested attendees keep the environment in mind when dressing for the red carpet. Organizers of the ceremony urged guests to rewear garments they already had, or buy new garments secondhand, or that were made in a sustainable way. While many guests weren’t able to meet the request (likely because they already had their outfits chosen), Kate Middleton made a splash by re-wearing an Alexander McQueen gown.

Which designer just started their own clothing subscription service?

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Diane von Furstenberg is the latest designer to get into the clothing rental game with the launch of her new subscription service at www.dvflink.com. The new venture offers customers access to a wide range of DVF clothing for day and evening dressing as well as outerwear for a flat monthly fee of $159. Members receive a box of four garments at a time, with unlimited box swaps per month. The program offers members unlimited free shipping and returns, complimentary dry cleaning, and the option to purchase their favorite pieces at an exclusive discount rate.

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