Editor’s Pick: 14th Night The Elixir

by Freya Drohan

What: Why is her hair so big? It’s full of [Persian beauty] secrets. Sub ‘big’ for shiny, glossy, and revitalized; and you get the idea. Say hello to hydrated and hella glossy hair, thanks to newly-launched 14th Night. The brand’s debut product, The Elixir, is clean, vegan, silicone-free, and sustainably made in NYC by a savvy founder who has seen first-hand just how transformative these natural ingredients are.

Who: Negar Mohammadi is a Vogue alum—which makes sense when you cop eyes on how chic this little orb-shaped vanity staple is. The name itself, 14th Night, sums it all up: it’s a reference to the ancient Persian poets who would describe a woman’s beauty as being akin to the radiance of the 14th Night of the Moon. After a successful launch in October 2021, Mohammadi teases that two products are to come in early 2022, so beauty enthusiasts better watch this space.

Why: This luxe hair treatment in a bottle is formulated with easy-to-identify ingredients, including oils derived from pomegranate, argan, sweet almond, sunflower seeds, green tea seeds, and camellia seeds. This potent blend makes for a product that seeps into strands for maximum absorption, instead of traditional oils which tend to weigh down fine hair. Regular use is recommended for strong, healthy, and mane-like hair, and judging by Mohammadi’s own locks, we’d well believe it. Split ends? Not on her watch!

Where: 14thnight.com

How much: $64 for 30ml

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