Beauty Spotlight: Dior’s Diorsnow Essence of Light Serum

by Taylor Harris

What: A potent serum that improves skin’s brightness, clarity, luminosity, and elasticity.  (Read: it gets rid of dark spots and gives you a youthful glow.) It’s milky and ever-so-slightly iridescent and with its low viscosity, it melts right into your skin, so you can layer it under other products and serums without clogging your pores.

Who: Dior. Enough said, right?

Why: This skin potion is made with Edelweiss, a flower grown at an altitude of over 3,600 feet, in the heart of the Valais Garden in the Swiss Alps. Dior partnered with the Valais Garden nursery, which specializes in high-alpine plants, to get their hands on some of the extra-special botanical, which is highly sought after in the skincare world for its protective and adaptive qualities.

Where:,  Sephora and all major department stores.

How (much): $140 for 1 oz.

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