Derrick Kinney Gives Some Serious Financial Inspiration In “Good Money Good Hands Good Work”

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Some people can be turned off by financial advice because there is a lack of meaning or purpose. Sure, money is useful, but sometimes people need extra guidance on what to do with it. For those who want to make money to give to good causes, Derrick Kinney is ready to help you out.

After building a successful financial planning and investment business, then leading it for 25 years, Derrick recently sold his company to pursue another passion. Now, he teaches people how to increase their net worth and use this money to perform good deeds. He does this through his new ventures, Good Money Framework LLC and the “Good Money Good Hands Good Work” podcast. The podcast consists of Derrick having meaningful conversations with top professionals, authors, influencers, and business leaders. A topic that is frequently discussed is the power of generosity. Derrick has the opposite mindset of “greed is good” as he emphasizes that good money in the hands of good people gets good works done. Instead of money being the root of all evil, it is a way for people to make the impact they want to on the world. The more money a person makes, the more they can give away. While earning this money, there is purpose and meaning to the endeavor.

The Good Money Framework is built on 7 parts that help people identify their giving purpose and understand the relationship between earning, saving, and giving. Derrick chooses guests who complement this mindset by offering good financial advice, are generous people who want to make positive changes, can offer useful business strategies, and address the culture around money being considered evil. Like many other entrepreneurs, Derrick started from the ground up. By providing caring and competent service, his company became one of the most respected firms in the country. He maintained this reputation with simple advice people could understand and personalized solutions for each client. Simply put, he listened to help people realistically achieve their goals. Now, Derrick wants to bring this concept to a larger audience. In fact, he wants to launch a movement based on the positive aspect of money and show people of all incomes that they can make a difference. He understands this concept needs to be embedded in our culture, but he also sees the results of hard work. Derrick has proven himself to be a true phenomenon: a philanthropist investor who broke the mold and is ready to bring about winds of change.

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