Dannijo Goes Luxe With The Debut Of A Fine Jewelry Collection

by Dena Silver


The chic purveyors behind your fave baubles have some big news: Dannijo is entering the super luxe realm with the introduction of a fine jewelry line. Featuring stackable rings, dainty pendants, and edgy earrings, this range hits an accessible yet luxe point when it comes to baubles, with prices starting at $265. Did we mention these 18-karat gold baubles are adorned with diamonds? We had the line’s co-founders (and chic sister act) Danielle and Jodie Snyder filled us in on all the details of this glimmering new addition. 

We’re digging these new designs. Why did you decide to expand your lineup?
Danielle Snyder: Being able to work with diamonds and 18K gold really enables the brand to evolve in a more dynamic way. The modern woman embraces the fashion and fine jewelry categories for different reasons and there are certain designs that only lend themselves to the fine jewelry category.  It’s brought a breath of fresh inspiration to our design process.

How is the aesthetic of this line different from your other collections?
Jodie Snyder: It’s more intricate and delicate, and meant to be worn like second skin. The pieces add an elegant touch of femininity.

Does the collection reflect your personal approaches to wearing jewelry?
Danielle: If anything, it champions the layering concept: we love stacked rings across the hands and multiple piercings.

Any other luxuries you’re currently obsessed with?
Danielle: Skin care! We’re still really into coconut oil for the face and body. We love VMV’s Know-It-Oil coconut oil in particular.

After ear jackets, what’s the next big jewelry trend?
Jodie: There’s going to be a mega movement towards the ’70s style. Women are really going to have fun with bold statement pieces again, and shiny gold is coming back in a big, big way.

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