Correspondence We Actually Received: The Kardashian Vampire Facelift Expert

by The Daily Front Row

It’s been ages since we’ve posted an e-mail that amused us so that we had to share with our dear readers. (This is not for lack of receiving these types of correspondence!) One publicist caught our attention with this little diddy to be filed in the “thanks, but no thanks” section of our InBox.  

“Kim Kardashian recently revealed her love of Vampire Facelifts and/or Facials on a recent episode of “Kourtney and Kim take Miami.” This procedure uses the patient’s own blood after drawing it from their arm, they spin the platelets and then put the blood on your face with tiny needles. The procedure is said to give you a youthful look. Is this the latest trendy hoax or does it actually work? Our plastic Surgeons in Boston, MA, and Los Angeles, CA, are available to comment on the technique, if they use it and how commonly it is requested.

Please let me know if you would like to speak with an expert.

Thank you,


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