Correspondence We Actually Received: Gisele's Photo Sparks Debate

by The Daily Front Row

That Instagram shot that Gisele Bündchen posted yesterday of getting glam with her team while breast feeding is the talk of the town. Denise Albert of was on Good Morning America this morning and called the shot “obnoxious” and “outragerous” while others call it a “beautiful depiction of breastfeeding.” One publicist sent us the following pitch to get in on the action and it might be a bit of a streeeeeetch, but props for the attempt to jump on the Gisele train. 

“Gisele Bundchen, the biggest super model in the world, posted a photo of herself breastfeeding her one year old daughter yesterday – it quickly went viral.  Regardless of your personal opinion on breastfeeding or Gisele, the reality is that many working moms want to know how they too can balance it all and breastfeed their baby while working. Is Gisele a role model for breastfeeding moms? How can it be easier for the “regular” mom who doesn’t have a team of people working for her?

While 80 percent of expecting mothers plan on breast feeding after 6 months it drastically drops to only 20 percent still breast feed their babies. The stresses between work, family and workplace are brought to a head when it comes to breastfeeding, evoking strong emotions from every side. While many look to continue to breastfeed they want to pump and breastfeed without wasting any milk. Now there is a no spill system that is changing the way women feed their babies.

One innovative and small company from the smallest state in the U.S., has created a product called Twist, the first and only transfer-free milk collection, storage, preparation and feeding system.  Twist eliminates the need to wash bottles or risk spilling and contaminating milk, while helping to encourage the baby to engage in proper breastfeeding technique, even if mom isn’t around.  Twist also offers the only bottle warmer, Kozii, that warms milk per CDC specifications, without sacrificing speed or convenience. Twist makes life easier for working moms and everyone else in the baby’s life!

Please let me know if you would like to speak with the creator behind this innovative and revolutionary product that was made to make a parents lives both safer and easier.


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