Correspondence We Actually Received: The World’s First Ever Christmas Jumper with a 30-Year Guarantee

by The Daily Front Row

Alrighty then. Here’s something we haven’t covered before: Tom Cridland writes in from the U.K. to share a gift idea for the person in your life who likes to think ahead. Far, far head. It’s the Christmas jumper that comes with a 30-year guarantee! It’s built to last a lifetime, but you’ll have three decades of free mending if there’s ever an issue. They’ll even cover the postage! We’ll let Tom explain more… 


“Hi [Redacted],

How are you?

I wanted to get in touch again because my brand, Tom Cridland, has just designed the world’s first ever Christmas jumper with a 30 Year Guarantee.

We think The 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt could be a great story for these reasons:

• It is so well made that we Guarantee it for 30 Years. A combination of technology, luxury fabric and old school craftmanship make it built to last a lifetime. In contrast to the needless cycle of consumption and waste that exists all over the world at Christmas, this is a garment truly built to last.

• As these photos show, my brand, Tom Cridland, has had the honour of making clothing for the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, Rod Stewart, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry, Jeremy Piven, Nigel Olsson, Brandon Flowers, Robbie Williams, Nile Rodgers, Michael Portillo, Stephan Merchant, Frankie Valli, Daniel Craig, Neil Young, Danny McBride, Clint Eastwood and Kendrick Lamar.

• At a time where fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil, fast fashion is taking over the whole industry and throwaway culture is becoming prevalent globally, The 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt promotes an important “buy less, buy better” ideology. It is a sustainable fashion project designed to lead an industry trend towards protecting our natural resources by making truly durable clothing.

The 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt is the culmination of two and a half years of hard work since I founded Tom Cridland with my girlfriend of 7 years, Deborah Marx, with a £6,000 start-up loan and have grown it to a £2m turnover with customers on every continent.

Would you be interested in covering this story?

Thanks so much,


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