Correspondence We Actually Received: Unique Perfume Creations – Based on Downton Abbey Show Characters

by Eddie Roche
Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey
Just what we’ve all been waiting for! If you’re like us and eager to smell like the year 1918, you’re having a much better day than Jennifer Aniston, with the news that the Downton Abbey fragrance can now be all yours! We were delighted to find this pitch in our Inbox (which in all fairness is well written and detailed, but sooooooo random!) to fill us in. Get one, get two, collect them all!

“On a luxury perfume theme, I’m hoping you would be interested in covering a new fragrance collection called Downton Abbey Fragrances, inspired by the personalities of the main female characters on the show.  I know the kneejerk reaction might be to wonder if these fragrances are just low-quality, chemical-laced generic perfumes arbitrarily named after the characters as a kind of marketing gimmick, but nothing could be further from the truth in this case.  The rich and varied scents of the fragrances have been crafted from pure perfume oils, without alcohol or chemicals, in the traditional artisanal method used by the master perfumers of the early 20th Century for the high society ladies of that era upon which the Downton Abbey characters are based.

Using this intricate method, the perfumers behind the Downton Abbey collection were able to create fragrances which truly embody the personality and style of the characters on the show so that wearers can have the unique experience of fragrances that are both evocative of their favorite characters on the show and the same in quality and composition as the fragrances the ladies of that era wore.  I have hi-res images and samples available and have attached low res images and included a more in-depth description below. Any interest? Thanks much!

[Name Redacted]

The Downton Abbey fine fragrance collection are sensual and sophisticated perfumes designed to embody the personality and style of the central female characters of the show, including Anna Bates, Lady Cora, Lady Mary, Daisy Mason, Lady Edith, Lady Rose and Countess Violet.  The collection’s fragrances are crafted in the artisanal method utilized by the master perfumers so highly in demand during the early 1900’s time period during which the show is set, allowing the fragrances to be very close approximations of the luxurious and complex perfumes which the high society ladies of that era actually wore.  The rich and varied scents of the fragrances have been crafted from pure perfume oils, without alcohol, chemicals, additives, artificial colors, parabens or phthalates.  These fragrances are pure and undiluted, vastly different than most perfumes on the market, which generally are up to 75% alcohol. Whereas alcohol-based perfumes evaporate in a rush, obscuring the delicate nuances of a fragrance’s complexity, the richness of each of the Downton Abbey fragrances can be appreciated much like fine wines. Each scent has top, middle and bottom notes that develop slowly after application on the skin, creating a sensual experience that lasts for and develops over a period of hours.  It is this kind of painstaking fragrance artistry that allows the Downton Abbey collection perfumes to reflect the personality of the show’s characters., $74.99 (8 ml).

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