A Chic Moment with Blythe Danner

by Kassidy Silva
Blythe DAnner
Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner (Photography: BFA.com)

The woman who Gwyneth Paltrow refers to as “mom,” Blythe Danner was out on the town this week, celebrating the Whitney’s anniversary with Max Mara in NYC. Naturally, we took a moment to chat with the actress about her own stylish tendencies…

What’s the first bag you splurged on?
I don’t believe in spending a lot of money for bags. This [Whitney bag] is such a precious thing to me because of my association with Max Mara for the last 15 years. I immediately saw it and thought, that’s me. I love structure, especially on days you feel fragile and you’re going out to a luncheon. There’s something about a bag that can really make you feel more secure. So I love it…My daughter has given me a couple of beautiful bags. I have a friend who makes boho bags out of velvet and I buy them in every color, and I usually take them with me for the evening. All you need is a phone, a couple of bills, and a credit card, a Kleenex, and lipstick.

What’s the appeal of Max Mara?
The first time I wore it was the night my daughter and I were honored at Women in Film, because Max Mara started with them. Deborah Messing gave me a beautiful tribute, and then I wore something that night—[to a caterer, offering champagne] Oh I will, aren’t I awful? Thank you. This is a fun night though!—I think it was really because what I wore that night fit me so beautifully. I noticed everything I have in my closet [from Max Mara] is still fabulous. A lot of other fancy brands too, but they never hold up as well. So that alone drew me to it. Besides the lovely style.

How would you define your style?
I used to think clogs were fashionable when nobody else did, but then my daughter said they are in again. I’m hardly a fashion plate. I’m just really fortunate to have had some opportunities, with Max Mara particularly.

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